Sunday, November 4, 2012

*MORE* Proof I am a Natural Blonde


So like.

This past weekend, I was in Guelph with my friends - and the day after we partied, we went out for breakfast (which turned into a four hour ordeal and included free (stolen) caesars). Anyway, beside the point. We went to breakfast and we ended up at Wimpys.

So we were waiting for our food (I got a breakfast burrito DUH) and we were in the back corner, and then there was a room with tables right behind us (with a wall separating us) and I turned around and there was a mirror. So I was looking at myself in the mirror and was just like

"So.. like.. Do you think they can see us in the other room??..... oh wait.... its yeah, a mirror."

And it was SO OBVIOUSLY a mirror. Not even close to being like a 2 way mirror. It was just like, not even like "oh maybe thats a 2 way mirror." it was more like "thats a freaking mirror you blonde idiot."

we laughed for like a million hours.

Which makes me happy because its probably not that funny, but being with amazing friends made it so funny.

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