Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How MySpace Helped Me FOREVER

So most of you have no idea what I do as a job, and its really a long story so lets just say I am currently consulting helping with implementation of a new medical record system at a family health team.

So not only do I help with the clinical side of things, I help with setting up the program and the system and the contents and this includes programming sometimes.

And I dont actually work for the system's company, I am just like a weird little consultant... So a lot of the stuff I have self-taught myself because I am so comfortable with computers and html BECAUSE MYSPACE TAUGHT ME!

Like, actually.

HTML coding is pretty easy, I learned when I was 14... but back in the day I pimped out my myspace page. I came up with the HTML codes to create my own backgrounds, to add italics, etc...

But the other day I was showing my boss how to do something, and I was so non-challent about the codes. I was like well obviously < br > adds a line break and < b > bolds it and all this stuff is just formatting so we ignore it its great the way it is.

and he was just like

..... wat?

And I realized what an edge myspace gave me. I am so comfortable with HTML coding that I totally didn't realize that its not common.


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