Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's your Dream?

This is me being cheesy and inspirational. So bear with me.

What is your dream? I am not talking about the kind of dream that is easily attainable or even like... normal, I am talking about that one ridiculous dream you have.

Seriously. We all have them. So what is yours?

Mine was meeting the Jonas Brothers. It has been for a really long time. I actually wrote out letters TO them in my spare time explaining why we need to meet and why we would fall in love.

It used to be all I ever thought about.

But things change as time goes on...
And maybe that dream isn't as prominent in your life, but for me..
it never went away. Even though I got other interests and different desires, the Jonas thing never left me.

And now my dream is coming true. Which really makes me think that if you really believe in your dreams, you will always find a way to make it happen. And this doesn't even mean right away.

My dream is coming true like 5/6 years after I started to dream it. And back then, I NEVER thought it could EVER happen and it made me miserable.

But now, just when I stopped thinking and obsessing about it... it is happening.

Good things come to those who wait, right? And they also always say that things happen when you aren't trying to make them happen.



Don't give up on your dreams. Thats all. If this could happen to me then your dreams can happen too!

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