Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sookie Stackhouse...

So this year for Halloween I wanted to be something cute and clever and ended up coming up with Sookie Stackhouse (from true blood).

I thought I was being so unique, but Brooke has shattered my dreams of that and told me that Cosmo magazine has rated it one of the top 10 costumes for the year. Oops.

But anyway, let me explain why I thought this was so clever.

Sookie Stackhouse is a simple girl who lives in the south, who works at a restaurant.. BUT SHE CAN READ MINDS. And loves vampires because she can't read their minds. And turns out she can read minds because shes a partial fairy. But doesnt have fairy wings but really is a fairy. Who normally wear wings.

So I was like. Sweet. I'll wear a waitress outfit. And I LOVE VAMPIRES pin. Make it obvious im telepathic (IE HAVE A SHIRT THAT SAYS TELEPATHIC WAITRESS). Make some bite marks on my neck with lotsa blood. And then slap on some fairy wings. BAM. Ultra confusing and ultra awesome.

I'm pretty excited because I am pretty sure no one is going to get the costume. But YOLO. Confusing halloween costumes are like the story of my life. Once I was zebra fairy that was also a ballerina. So, yeah. Sookie Stackhouse is right up my alley.

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    I hope you went as her.