Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If you are anything like me, then you went through your life trying EVERYTHING. Well, I mean, not everything (still haven't tried muscles), but most hobbies I have tried and I have given up on.

A few months ago at a convention where executive directors of family health teams got together (and I was lucky enough to tag along) we had to go around the room and mention our hobby. So instead of saying "golf" or "knitting" like a normal person I say Justin Bieber.

Seriously. I tried everything though. Hockey, ringette, figure skating, gymnastics, dance, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, golf, piano, flute, voice lessons. You name it, I've tried it.

But nothing ever inspired me when I was younger. So I just stopped trying. I never had an inspiration to try something new. And because I wasn't good at anything or I didn't have a hobby I figured what was the point.

But after getting an autographed acoustic guitar, I am INSANELY inspired to learn the guitar and have been practicing every night. My fingers on my left hand actually hurt trying this out because they have no callouses and the strings are cutting into them.

But its so fun, having an inspiration and wanting to learn something.

And when I told my mom I was so inspired she was so happy for me, because I now had a hobby. And honestly, its only been a few days but I already feel happier. Its just something to do when there is nothing to do. But, really, more than that you get to feel like you are really accomplishing something. Something a lot more than my old hobby of watching tv.

I really hope this sticks.. Its already really frustrating but thats because I play for 2 mins and my fingers ache. But I am so ready to take on a hobby. Do you guys have hobbies? Are they the same hobbies you've always had? Or did you, like me, come into your hobby at an older age?

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