Friday, October 5, 2012

Big Weekends = Big Memories

Big weekends bring back big memories which bring big emotions.

Just remember what life was a year or two ago, at this day, at this time.... it just makes you feel a little weird. And it makes you (well, it makes me - anyway) feel the way I felt back then. But it is totally inappropriate because everything is different.

But its big weekends that bring back the smallest things... because they were attached to such a big time (thanksgiving) they become these things that we never forget. It doesn't even matter what they are - we are less likely to forget them because we are less likely to forget this weekend.

This year my life feels totally unremarkable. And thats the first time in a WHILE this weekend has brought with it no exceptional feelings or stories. Life is good and totally on track... but it just doesn't have that same excitement it used to.

I don't know if I like it.

Sure, in the past maybe things were a little rockier. A little sadder. A little hard to deal with.

But it is also hard to think that life has lost that little spark of excitement.

Is this what growing up is?

And all these thoughts... These deep thoughts... All come into my head because of random memories that I randomly remember because of the bigness of the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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