Tuesday, September 18, 2012

you know my name, not my story

When people come out and tell their story, I find it so beyond moving that I usually cry. I just am so inspired and so proud, because they are doing something that I could never do.

That is why I love Demi Lovato so much, because what she did was so brave and so scary - but she did it because she knew it would make a difference. People make fun of her because of her struggles but I think those people need a punch in the face, because what she did not only changed the lives of girls - but it saved many, as well.

Everyone struggles, but it is so hard to put that struggle into words, let alone to put it out there for everyone to see.

This girl on X-Factor was amazing, and so brave. So brave. And when I watched it it made me sob, like soooobbbbb... because not only did she share her story with the world, but the world kind of got to see why Demi is my idol.

The impact she has made is so huge, and I don't think I could ever come out and do what she has done. It is so scary. Even though I have this blog and I talk about my feelings a lot, I have never been able to full out tell my entire story - because that is just so hard for me.

But what these girls do is so inspiring, and it really does help to know that we are not alone - and that we need to stay strong together.

You never know someone's story.

And if they are brave enough to put it out there - you never should punish them for it.

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