Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I Hate

Here is a list of the 10 things I hate the most. I hope you take something important away from this. I am sure you will. If you don't, I HATE THAT!

1) My sister lives about an hour away and I miss her all the time. I HATE THAT.

2) The fact that they don't even teach cursive writing to kids in school anymore. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Sure, we use the computer and whatever now - but THERE ARE CURSIVE FONTS. And it just makes the brain stronger and just, wtf. That means that when we are parents we are going to have a secret language that our kids won't understand when we are older.

3) Shaving. What a friggen bother. I am so clumsy that shaving becomes extra hard for me. I legitimately have to SIT DOWN in the shower to shave my legs because I have fallen far too many times trying to be a shaving acrobat. No.

4) I HATE THE FACT THAT I HAD AN IPHONE AND GOT TIRED OF IT AND GOT A BLACKBERRY. It is probably one of the most embarrassing things I have ever done. Derp. But I am back, so I don't hate that. I just hate that it ever happened.

5) The smell of fridges. Have you ever smelt a fridge that smelled good? No? Me neither. HATE THAT!

6) I am growing up and really confused what to do with my life. Everyday there are more options I know about, and this means more thoughts and more life changing decisions. I hate that. But I also hate that I am not brave enough to make these decisions myself. Grr.

7) I HATE THAT I AM MEETING THE JONAS BROTHERS BECAUSE IT MAKES ME PUKE/CRY EVERY DAY! (I use "hate" in the most loving sense for this particular post).

8) Making my parents disappointed or sad is something I hate. And I hate that I let it happen. And I hate even more that I think they are disappointed when really they aren't, and that I never feel good enough. Because that makes them sad I think that, and I hate making them sad. Le sigh.


10) I hate that I don't live in guelph with all my bestest friends. I hate that when I visit for a weekend its just a weekend... and I have to drive back when it's done. I hate that the most.

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