Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photo ID, Please.

So... Frankie to the rescue!

I had a package waiting for me at the post office at shoppers. I knew this because they sent me one of those slips that say "you have a package at shoppers". This is my second one in the week (I order online, all the time). I had already received my LED dog collar (yes, you heard that correctly) - so I knew this package would be my new bedset.

But, I am a lazy bum, and because I went downtown in Guelph TWO WEEKS AGO I still haven't moved my drivers license from my bar purse to my regular purse, so I just had my health card as ID. But when I got Frankie's collar it was no problem. But today I got sassed big time.

She was like "this doesn't have your address I can't give you your package".. and I was like ughhhhh commmmmmme on its obviously me! I know exactly whats in there c'monn c'monn c'monn. And she was very firm and just WOULDN'T give me my package because I didn't have an ID that had my address on it.

So, here I go fumbling through my wallet - when I realize I have Frankie's ID on me. So I was like, "well, I have my puppy's ID - which has both my name AND my address on it. So I think this should suffice" And EVERYONE in line laughed, and the girl was just like "well I can't say no to that face" (yes, Frankie has photo I.D.) and I got my package. THANKS FRANKIE!

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