Saturday, September 8, 2012

makeup is weird

I know I know... I might sound a bit hypocritical because this is coming from a girl who loves it.. but I am starting to see how weird it really is.

Now, coverup makes sense. There is an evolutionary advantage to using it. It makes your skin appear softer and more even - which makes you look healthier, which in turn makes you more attractive. I get mascara, too, esp for us blonde ladies who have the eyelashes to match. But think about it.

Everything else is kind of strange.

We are like "oh, i don't feel very pretty right now. Let me just paint on my face a little bit. Muuuuuch better." My friend said that last week (he was a guy) and I was like, hm. Yeah. It is really weird.

Last night at dinner my parents were telling me how much prettier they think I am without makeup, and I obviously disagreed. I feel so bleh without it, but when I go to work I don't see the point in layering it on. And my step dad was full out like "I hate the black stuff girls wear. It makes you look hard to approach and high maintenance"


Then I started to think about it, and really, some of the prettiest girls I know just use makeup to highlight the features they already have. They don't do cat eyes, or smoky eyes, they just highlight here and accentuate there - and they look amazing. And generally, they ARE amazing people too. It's like they have nothing to hide. This is me, take it or leave it.

So, I know I posted a while ago about using less makeup - but now I am going to try to use less when I go OUT partying too. Just enough to highlight what I already have. No more black paint. Just what I need. Wish me luck :)

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