Saturday, September 29, 2012

34 things I miss about being a kid!

1. Cartwheeling just because I liked it. i.e. in church, during class, wherever I wanted.

2. Someone else cleaning up after me. And doing my laundry.

3. Falling down and the worst thing being a band aid needed. Rather than needing a chiropractor.

4. Not worrying about calories, if this would make me fat.

5. Getting a toy with a meal and LOVING THE SHIT OUTTA THAT TOY. Like it was the best present in the entire world, regardless of how cheaply it was made.

6. Not being tired all the time.

7. Laughing out loud for no reason and no one thinking it was crazy.

8. Never feeling guilty about eating Taco Bell. And ordering what I wanted (2 orders of cheese fries LOL) not what was healthiest.

9. Making friends so easily. Didn't matter what you looked like, how rich/poor you were, who your other friends were. We could be friends because we had things in common, and that was enough.

10. Wearing whatever the heck I wanted.

11. Going to school with cat whiskers painted on my face and it made me adorable, not a freak.

12. Racing EVERYWHERE. Just because.

13. Calling my friends, all the time. Just to talk. And having conversations. Deep little kid conversations. I can't even remember the last time I picked up the phone just to call a friend without planing it out or scheduling it.

14. No one held what you did a year ago against you.

15. Wearing my favourite outfit every single day and feeling beautiful in it. It didn't matter that I looked ridiculous, I didn't care. I felt gorgeous and like I could take over the world.

16. NINTENDO. I mean, I still have my super nintendo - but back then that shiz was revolutionary.

17. Making up a dance to every song I loved and having my parents praise every move like I was beyonce.

18. Thinking the world was such a good place, and being blissfully ignorant of all the things that would tell me otherwise.


20. Birthday parties.

21. Playing outside for hours on end. With my siblings, friends, or even by myself.

22. Thinking the word "penis" was the funniest thing in the world.

23. Being totally happy playing alone.

24. Never being alone because of an amazing imagination.

25. Doug/Rugrats/Sailor Moon.

26. Believing in everything.

27. Thinking eating 4 pieces of pizza was this huge amazing feat and being SO PROUD of that accomplishment. Rather than feeling like a guilty slob.

28. Not being controlled by my fears. Not even really HAVING fears at all.

29. Getting tea in a bottle. Amazing.

30. It didn't matter if my pants matched my shirt and if I was wearing the right accessories. No one cared.

31. Struggling to count to 100, and practicing so hard every day with your parents... and it being the greatest accomplishment in the world when you finally could do it on your own!

32. BEGGING my mom to make me "space mountains" on my ice cream cones.... and not realizing it was a clever way for her to steal bites of my ice cream.

33. Wearing a sailor moon tiara. Shit was fancy.

34. Being so excited to grow up.

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  1. I miss all my kids being little kids. I too miss being a little kid. I wonder when did I stop cart wheeling and doing hand flips and just not worrying.... It was all good!that`s why I had 4 kids - fun is just good!!!
    What is it the rest of you just miss about being little. (MY Question mark turned out to be some dumb ass french symbol - which I thought my dumb ass daughter fixed - but apparently not!) Sometime I just hate computers and not being able to grab the quintessential mega phone and telling the world.....) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!