Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Guys... Have you seen the show WIPEOUT?

I am pretty sure it is old news but it is such a great way to just laugh and be amazed! Me and my sister were bored one day and nothing else was on so we put it on and watched. AND FELL IN LOVE.

Get a load of this:

Like, we do not want to be ON the show.. and I am not even sure HOW it is legal, because all I can think when watching it is how much my back always hurts and how tripping on a plate hurts, so I am pretty sure getting whacked by a giant punching glove would hurt slightly more.

But it doesn't even matter. Like the way the people get thrown around and hurt isn't even hard to watch, it is so easy because they are THROWING themselves into the situation. I don't know about you but nothing bothers me more than watching diving and then they show a clip of someone hitting the board - it reeeeally bothers me. But this is like the same sort of thing, but because people are willingly hurting themselves for money - it is way more funny. And they seem SO happy to be doing it!t

Me and Brooke are literally busting our guts. It is the best thing, especially after a stressful day at work. Its like.. yeah my day was crappy, but at least I didn't get bounced off a giant ball into a pool of mud!

Just watch it. And thank me later!

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