Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trust YO Gut

We all believe our gut when it tells us we are hungry, so why wouldn't we believe it when it's giving us a bad feeling?

I believe the gut feeling because even if it isn't scientific, it means that something is happening that doesn't make you feel comfortable - so uncomfortable that it actually gives you stomach flutters. That isn't normal. A reaction like that SCREAMS don't do it... but most of us ignore our gut when it is screaming at us!

I decided a while ago about a career choice that I thought was very smart. 100% job guarantee after graduation and good pay and great hours..... but...... I never felt great about it. I knew it was practical and I should be excited and happy, but I wasn't, something in my gut was telling me NO!

And I let my gut scream at me for months, and it was really bringing me down because my future was like this dark and looming place that I didn't want to be a part of. Not good, right?

So finally I was like "yo gut, imma listen to you" and as soon as I told people I didn't feel right about it so many people were like "yeah you shouldn't do that if you don't feel good about it" and it wasn't even that I wasn't feeling good about it... I was feeling downright bad about it. If that's not saying something I don't know what is.

I don't think we need to rely on our guts, ultimately our brains are what processes everything and if logic rules out the gut then so be it! but maybe we just need to trust it more often. So give your gut a little credit now and again... It might just save you!

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  1. GET A DIARY. This is a personal issue that really, we do not need to be subjected to. I am being dead serious here sweetheart, keep it to yourself. YOU ARE HORRIBLE.