Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Special: MOM: Life Tips

Life tips

Hi Everyone – I’m Kelsey’s Mom – Lynn – the mom that doesn’t act like a mom – the mom who looks more like Kelsey’s sister than mother (which tickles me ‘cause Kelsey is gorgeous – therefore by association I too am gorgeous – and edgy – and sassy!!)

This really isn’t my first time on Kelsey’s blog – believe it or not – I ghosted a couple of times – once with her permission – once without. (don’t leave stuff open on your parent’s computer – it’s just an open invitation). I am thankful to you guys who read her blog – she works very hard on it and is very mindful of her audience. I think it has great diversity. Funny – heartfelt – thought provoking – inspiring. Her Dad and I are so amazed by her blog and so very proud of what she writes. Kelsey has worked very hard thru her life to become a better person. Her blog reflects her journey, her growth and her desire to help others grow in their life adventure.

And that’s what I’m going to talk about – the life adventure. Life isn’t easy – life is hard. Everything and everyone you meet present you with an opportunity to learn something – it’s either something that you say – that was really good – I’m going to do that or be that – or the opposite – wow – that was mean, or rude or hateful – I will not ever be like that or do that.

Everyone goes thru the same stuff. I’m going to give you a list of thoughts that I have given to our 4 children as they left to go to University. Read and embrace these thoughts – you’ll be a better person too.
As you leave home to continue your education, keep in mind the following:

1. First Impressions Matter.

Understand that it is only your family who are stuck with you. Most people you meet won’t give you the time to discover the “REAL” you. Give them a reason to.

2. Manners are Always in Style. No more need be said.

3. Go to every single class. Do your homework promptly. You’ll be amazed at how easy school is when you keep up. When you are done – join in. Make new friends. Join intramural teams. Most adults who attended post secondary will tell you that this was one of the greatest times of their lives – make it memorable for you.

4. Unsure?? Ask that very basic question – What would be the advice Mom or Dad would give me in this situation. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with. You’ll feel better if you avoid doing those things that you know would embarrass or shame your family.

5. Opportunity for education or work abroad – or far from home?

Guess what? This is the time to live life and experience it. I lived many years without you. I’ll miss you – but – I’m good with it. This is your time to become independent. And, if you need me, there is so place on this Earth that I can’t get to in 24 hours or less.

6. If you need help – ASK.

7. A baby is a beautiful thing at the RIGHT TIME.

This is NOT THE TIME!!

8. Girls – when the boys on your residence floor go to the Campus Lounge (for e.g.) for beer and wings – don’t be hurt that the boys don’t ask you to come. It’s something boys just don’t think to do. Just go. You’ll be glad you did. In the alternative – Boys – girls like to be asked. Though this is not your nature to think to ask – it is not girls’ nature to just go. Meet half way!

9. We’ve already established our monetary relationship.

Stick to the agreed upon budget and plan. I am not your personal banker!

10. If you don’t want to get caught doing it – DUH – don’t do it.

11. Call just once in a while just to say hi!! I want to know you’re ok!

Remember always – I believe in you. You can do it. I know of no one who died from hard work (and this I confirmed with my spouse – the doctor – he has never seen a death certificate issued stating the cause of death to be hard work!!).
Keep the balance. Be the best you can. I love you. Mom.

And....if you have other great tips for the list – let Kelsey know – we’re open to change!


  1. wow , Lynn ,. i wish i could steel this for my kids who will soon be going on to post secondary education ... it is a joy to know you!

  2. I am glad you are my mother and have given me this wisdom!! Love you so much