Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not to make you emotional... But...

Okay I am sorry if you guys get a little emotional after this news.

Seriously, I am so so sorry.

But here it is:

My puppy, Frankie Tiko Brohe Edwards, will be turning ONE in ONE month.


ONE! A WHOLE YEAR OLD. My teeny tiny puppy that I have had since he was 7 weeks old and 2.2 pounds in weight. The little guy that has been with me through the good and bad times. The puppy that has made you all laugh and smile. IS NO LONGER A LITTLE BABY PUPPY. NO, he is a whole year old. A YEAR. OLD. Say whhhhat?

He is, however, still adorable. But a puppy?? Yeah probs. But a year old is an old pup.

And I am so happy. He is healthy, strong, and cuter than ever.... but it just dawned on me how old he is. I have been telling people he was 9 months old for a while, and then on Sunday I was like.. Holy crap - next month is SEPTEMBER! And Frankie will be 1. Safe to say, I cried.

Here's to Frankie - the world's BEST puppy. (yes, puppy). And my BEST friend :)


  1. "just two balls in ma mouth"

    I admit I feel a little emotional looking into those baby puppy eyes <3