Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love is around us.

Love is a funny funny thing. And I have a weird kind of view on it.

I believe in true love, I really really do. I believe though, that we spend a lot of our lives pushing it away and believing that there is only ONE true love that can happen.

But I believe it happens more than we think. I think it happens a lot, and we just ignore it. Because love doesn't take years to grow, love can be in a moment. A snag in time. And you can see why it is so easy to brush that aside, but if we spend our lives pushing love aside then what do we have left?

I mean, true love, yes - that might be what takes time, because it incorporates so much.. but love, real love, can happen in a moment. And all those things we value in true love, well they can happen in those moments too. They are just a lot shorter, and end quickly, so we don't think anything of them. But that doesn't mean it wasn't special.

Love is around us. And love is inside of us. We are creatures of love and yet we spend our lives looking for it, when really, it is all around us.

Appreciate the love. Radiate the love. And love one another.

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