Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inifinity Theory In Action...

Okay, so we all know Megan (sexy) Fox.. and we all know about her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, right? If not, here is a reminder:

But now.. just imagine we were in an alternate universe... which could TOTALLY be true (according to the variations of the infinity theory). I don't know the exact specifics, but from what I have heard - it proposes that with the amount of unknown in space and the universe, and the amount of KNOWN but unobserved, and the fact that the world expands that there could be an infinite number of possibilities out there. like... in an infinite universe, there could potentially be a planet where EVERYTHING is the same, except - opposite. ie, there is a kelsey edwards running around, but maybe she is a brunette and has a boyfriend. and an infinite number of similar scenarios. This isnt really scientific.

Regardless. The specifics don't matter. Imagine THIS:

haha but just imagine a world, where marilyn effin monroe would be tattooing megan fox on her arm. as if megan fox was once not only a sex icon, but had amazing and inspiring thoughts that shook the world. haha ugh, imagine how different life would be if megan fox was the muse rather than marilyn monroe?

Scary (and awesome), right?

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