Saturday, July 7, 2012

I dont believe in fate, but if I did....

Remember how I say july 3rd was going to be the best day ever?? well... it was.. And all morning I had such a weird feeling in my stomach and had no idea what it was, but it was because something HUGE & unexpected was going to happen.


I deserved to meet demi lovato, more than a lot of people I know. But honestly I do know quite a few people personally who also deserve it - but we aren't all made of money, so meeting demi lovato seemed pretty unattainable. There are some people who meet her who don't even care about her or her story, whose lives havent been changed immensely because of the things she has done for us.

However, I could afford a 75 dollar upgrade to soundcheck, and so could my friends.

And to me, that was enough. To be that close to Demi Lovato, the girl who changed our lives. And we were so happy, just to be there - in a personal little concert. But we got lucky, and it happened. My friend got m&g bands instead of sundcheck - and more than that, she got THREE (not two). No one saw this coming. And we all pretty much froze with happiness and shock and just about every single emotion you could possibly imagine.

It went by so fast, and I had so much I wanted to say - but I kept it short, showed her my tattoo, and personally thanked her. We all have our stories, and I think Demi knows that. Demi has her story too. She doesn't need to hear all of the details, she just needs to know that she helped - because it makes all of her struggles and all of her embarrassment in the public eye so worth it. And help she did. I can't even imagine my life without her inspiration, seriously. She changed everything.

Fate doesn't happen. But this really proves to me that good things come to goo people, and those who wait. I feel truly amazing. Words can't ever express just how lucky we got, and how happy I am that it did.

Thank you, Demi.

And thank you to my amazing and beautiful friends that made it happen. I love you. And the girls who didn't get m&g, my FFE girls, just know that you deserve it and at some point - it will happen for you all. Because like I said, good things will happen to good people.

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