Monday, July 2, 2012

feel old? (now ya do)

i found this on tumblr and had to share. we are so old. i remember this stuff like it was yesterday. how in the heck did we grow up so fast????

Shrek 1: Came out 11 years ago

Monsters Inc: Came out 11 years ago

Dylan and Cole Sprouse: 20 years old

Miley Cyrus: Engaged

Hillary Duff: Mom

That's so Raven: Been off TV for 6 years

Lizzie McGuire: Ended 9 years ago

Powerpuff Girls: Came out 14 years ago

Kim Possible: Last episode was 7 years ago

Avril Lavigne came out with Sk8er Boi: 10 years ago

sorry if i've depressed you


  1. How is that depressing. On to bigger and better things.

  2. ^^^ i think 'depressed' was just to be funny.. i loled

    its messed up though. my mouth dropped open at some of those dates. made me think about even like dora the explorer, which was AFTER our time but must be so long ago now too. lol FUCK my mind is blown


  3. All the Disney programs are really crap now. I liked the old disney

  4. I know how everyone feels and i'm only 14. And I still remember watching them as a kid. I still wish some of them were still on, and I wish I was still little. And I agree with hale it made me think about dora the explorer. And we should think all the people who made all the shows scence we were little. But the weird thing is I still watch them.:) :)