Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enjoy The Nature, PEOPLE!

Just a little challenge for you all. Everyone likes a good challenge right?

Well the other day I was walking my pupperoni and I don't have a working ipod so I went totally ipodless. And to be honest, I have been ipod-less on walks for the entire year - and I am a CHANGED woman. I don't think I will ever use an ipod again when walking.

I agree that there is nothing like listening to some good music to calm your nerves, and I also agree that a good pump up song can give you that extra push when jogging or exercising. But when walking, oh my goooodness it gets in the way of the amazing nature sounds.

Seriously, I think there is an ap for nature sounds (because it is so relaxing) but why not go out and enjoy the real thing? There is nothing as amazing as walking alongside nature. Hearing the different sounds made from different creatures and wondering what they are thinking and what their lives are like. Its really peaceful and honestly, you can't beat it.

So try it. Get out without the electronics, and ennnnnjoy the world for all its natural beauty. You may be surprised at how little you miss the ipod. You might think it will be boring and make the walk go by slower, but nope - not even a little bit true. Let me know how it goes.

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