Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've Got That Summertime Sadness..

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness

I just wanted you to know
That baby, you're the best

I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Got my hair up real big beauty queen style
High heels off
I'm feeling alive

Oh, my God, I feel it in the air
Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare
Honey I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere
Nothing scares me anymore

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby, you're the best

I'm feelin' electric tonight
Cruising down the coast goin' 'bout 99
Got my bad baby by my heavenly side
I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight

Oh, my God, I feel it in the air
Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare
Honey I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere
Nothing scares me anymore

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby, you're the best

I think I'll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies
Later's better than never
Even if you're gone I'm gonna drive, drive

I've got that summertime, summertime sadness
Summertime, summertime sadness
Got that summertime, summertime sadness

Kiss me hard before you go
Summer time sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby you're the best

I've got that summertime, summertime sadness
S-s-summertime, summertime sadness
Got that summertime, summertime sadness
Oh, oh oh

Monday, July 30, 2012

YOU deserve this.

Every now and then, you deserve a bit of time where you do NOTHING but things for yourself. And don't give a crap about how lazy/gross/unproductive you are being!

And I mean it when I say "every now and then", because if you do it too much - it loses its magic and becomes "laziness"... but if you do it every once in a while, you will feel so rejuvenated and be ready to take on life with a new and improved vigour!

I took today off of work, and honestly - it just feels so good. I don't have any appointments, anywhere to be, nothing. I am taking the day off just for me - and damn, its been good. It started last night where i made my favourite JUNK foods (pizza pops, white cheddar mac and cheese, doritos.. ) and then proceeded to get in my favourite comfy clothes (justin bieber concert tshirt, NO BRA, and comfy shorts), plopped myself on the couch - and remained there for hours. Watching sex in the city and just feeling good.

Not lazy, good.

Because I knew I don't do this very often, and I needed it. And honestly, it felt good to just eat. And eat. And then eat some more. I feel like as girls we restrict ourselves SO much that if we don't just indulge every once and a while we will end up going crazy. Like, really crazy. So.. you know... YOLO!

Then I went into bed, read my kindle and slept. Naturally, I woke up around 7, and then 8:30, and then 9... and just never decided to get out of bed. I just chilled and half slept and felt NO GUILT. Then when I couldn't sleep any longer I read my kindle for a bit longer.. and finally when the hunger was too intense, I pulled myself away from the memory foam and got some yogurt.

Now, I am kind of over my indulgent phase - and am ready to tackle my school work and get my life back on track. Although, I do admit that leaving bed this morning and NOT going back was probably the hardest thing I have had to do in a loooooong time.

Nights/days of indulgent are JUST THE TICKET when you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, stressed and a little lethargic. Just give yourself permission to just be gross and love it. And you will come out of it loving yourself more, and more ready for life.

Happy lazing (and feeling damn good about it), everyone!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do you know what its like?

Do you know what its like, to feel so in the dark. To dream about a life - where you're the shining star? Even though it seems like it's too far away - I have to believe in myself, its the only way. This is real; this is me; I'm exactly where I am supposed to be.. I'm going to let the lights shine on me. Now I've found who I am, theres no way to hold it in. No more hiding who I want to be...

This is me.

I know this sounds so lame but I got so overwhelmingly sad that I am not famous. I know most people who are famous work their assess off to get to that point, but I legit always thought it would happen for me. My awesomeness and my words would get me to where I needed to be. But, clearly, as life goes on I realize that mediocrity is where my life is heading.

And, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being mediocre. It just was not where I saw my life being. I know that I am young, freshly 22, but this is the most important time of my life. This is when people make things happen and when people become the person they will be for the rest of their lives. It just leaves me asking, is this it? Really?

For the girl who didn't plan her life out, at all, because all I ever knew was fame. It was all I ever saw for myself, and yet I didn't do anything to get it except be myself. Hoping that that would be enough.

It's hard, growing up. Not because of all the things we go through but because of how these things shape absolutely EVERYTHING for the future. And that is so scary. If you did just one thing differently, think about how different your life could be? Freaky, right?

So the moral of this story?

I don't have one. It's life and we aren't supposed to know.

We are just supposed to... live, and hopefully that's enough.

those aren't wrinkles....

When someone has a flaw or feels self conscious, the responses people have are so so funny. For example, I get "kelsey.. those aren't wrinkles... they're just folds" ALL. THE. TIME. Because, well, I complain about my forehead wrinkles ALL. THE. TIME.

Oh thanks guys, muuuuuuch better.........


but it looks like I am not alone:

its okay lil husky. i feel yuh.
(and if cuddles will make u feel better I can help u out)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

22 things; 22 years

1. One of my favourite tattoos is my tattoo of Paco's paw print. Because Paco currently HATES me because he felt betrayed when I got Frankie and hasn't been able to let that grudge go. It is so ironic and funny. But I plan to never get it changed, because Paco was a really special part of my life for a long time. And now he is a special part of brooke's life. S'all good.

2. I never tell anyone to call me Kels. Most people don't. But if you do and I don't cringe, it probably means you are special.

3. My puppy is the cutest thing in the entire world.

4. Justin Bieber is the 2nd cutest.

5. I still like the jonas brothers so much more than Justin Bieber, but at the moment Justin Bieber is more exciting and more fun to joke with because more people get the reference. This makes me sad, but I deal.

6. If you want an amazing treat, try eating plain chips with broken up pieces of milk chocolate. Be careful, it is fat pants inducing.

7. Anyone who wears a bra when they don't need to (IE HOME ALONE/SLEEPING) is crazy to me. But on the same note, anyone who doesn't wear a bra when they should is also crazy. Catch 22.

8. I hate knees. Front and back. They creep me the eff out.

9. I have the best friends in the world. I know everyone says it but I mean it. They have been there for me through everything, and I like to think I have been there for them too. They know everything about me, and they love that. And we all went through our most critical years together, and became good people side by side.. I think that is pretty amazing, and best friends can only really be formed that way.

10. There is nothing worse than someone arguing/getting grumpy with you over something insignificant. I find that the best response is a polite smile and ending the conversation. Otherwise it gets out of hand and you end up upset. Dur.

11. There is nothing better than a well executed use of the term "yolo".

12. There is nothing worse than someone seriously using the term "yolo".

13. I think my dog has turned me into a better, more patient person. It is pretty amazing to take care of something that actually NEEDS you, and to put your needs aside for that something.

14. It bothers me how taboo mental health problems are. Especially depression. It happens. Probably most people you know have depression. And it has nothing to do with their life being "hard", it doesn't matter if they "have it good". Depression affects ANYONE. No discrimination. So I don't think it is fair depression is treated with discrimination.

15. The older you get, the more hangovers suck. And nothing prevents them.

16. I love being vegetarian, not because I like the label but because it feels so right and it really is easy and I am not missing anything.

17. Sister's intuition is something to be trusted. Brooke has had some opinions that I didn't listen to until it was too late. And I feel foolish because it has happened multiple times. But sisters always seem to know whats up.

18. People change. And I mean, really change. And it happens fast. Especially in the late teen-early twenties years. Most of the people you know now were probably SO different a few years ago. And if they are the exact same, thats generally not such a good thing. Change is natural. Change is good. So that's why I believe that some people deserve second chances. Not all people. There are good and bad people. But the people who are good but a little misguided, they deserve a second chance. Want to know if someone deserves a second chance? They try to make it happen.

19. Butterflies and moths terrify me to like a weird extreme. I don't mind seeing them but when they are close, oh looooordy you better plus your ears.

20. I could have easily filled up these 20 posts with how awesome my family/friends/puppy are. Thats how amazing they all are.

21. There is a big difference between being boring and knowing when to settle down. Don't punish people if they don't feel like going out. Sometimes, after a long day, there is NOTHING like plopping on the couch and watching a million episodes of Dexter. Let it be.

22. I love you guys. The people that read my blog. The people that take my diary and turn it into something else. The people that help to keep me going, and inspire me. I love you guys so much it hurts. You make blogging so fun and I always just hope that I can make you happy or give you something to think about or take away. Every view I get means so much, so thank you for all of them. Just, thanks.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Um... WTF google?

So I know on twitter and tumblr and we heart it and all those sites we see pictures like these two... right? Like the stupidest results from google searches. But how true is it actually? Do these responses actually generate like that? Come on....

Well, at work the other day I wanted to google the difference between a Td vaccine and a Tdap vaccine.. So I started typing "what's the difference between..."

AND LOL LOOK (screen shot, legit):

So yeah, people actually are that outrageous that they search things like what is the difference between peanut butter and jelly so often that it is the number one generated result. I love this world.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Remember Planking?

The photos below are all personal planks, and they are all 100% amazing. I think planking hit its popularity, got overdone, and unfunny.. but personally... I think we need to start it up again. Just a few of us. Only the funny ones (you know who you are). Because, well, nothing makes me laugh more than a well executed plank. See?

The roadside plank. A classic.

Ah yes, the ol tiny kitchen plank. Amazing. A true work of art.

The photobomb plank. When done right, nothing beats it.

Woah... Double plank all the way across the floor. So intense.

So lets laugh, and lets plank.

Why I'm Happy for The Bad Things

No body likes when life is hard. And no body likes it when bad things happen that makes life even harder. I am just like everyone else, I hate it. When bad things happen, I am not happy about - but over the years I have learned how to deal with it (because chances are it will happen again), and how to be a better person from it.

The thing is, that I just realized the other day (a realization that made me cry, a lot).. is that I am so thankful for all the shit that has happened to me over the years - because it has made me the type of person that makes the world a better place for those around me.

Whenever people ask me how I am doing, even if I am doing crappy, I always respond positively, because its a little trick I've picked up on to make people happier. Think about it, when you ask someone how they are and they say "terrible", isn't it so easy to complain back to them? Yeah.. So when I respond "amazing, you?!" you're going to have a harder time being miserable, and you will probably find something to smile about.

I don't know, though. I really don't know if I would have been this type of young lady if it wasn't for the hardships I went through. It feels just so natural, like it is a part of me that has developed ... but would it have developed without the hard stuff? Who knows. There is no possible way to know because there is no possible way to go back in time. But anyway, use your story to make you a better person to the people who need it (usually, everyone).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Special: KENNEDY - When It's Right, It's Right.

Hey everyone, it's Kennedy!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kelsey's other little sister. The Jonas one. I'm so excited to be blogging for her!

So you're all here for one reason, you love reading Kelsey's blogs just as much as I do. We all know just how inspiring she can be. She's definitely taught me a lot over the past 3 years.

One of the biggest things Kels helped me realize lately is, when it's right, it's right. If something is meant to be, it will happen.

I'm sure you've all heard about our Demi Lovato experience a couple weeks ago. But to me, that day was much more than just meeting my idol.

So, I wasn't even gonna go to this concert. Of course, I love Demi but I didn't think it would work out. Right from the word go, things began to fall into place. Jayme bought tickets after we both agreed on not going, my mom said yes, the trip was planned! Then things just continued to work out. Sage got extra MEET N GREET tickets, they brought me along and I ended up meeting Demi.

The point here is, I didn't plan for any of this to happen. All I expected out of the day was to spend the day with my FFE girls. But deep down we all knew something was right about that day.

This all brought me to the realization that everything happens when it's supposed to. As cheesy as it sounds, it's true. I don't know where I'd be without FFE but that's another story you already know. It's something we can say over and over and no one will understand. I hope that you do understand that everything will work out, though. I know it's a hard thing to imagine when everything seems to be going wrong. But it does get better.

Stay strong beauts.


P.S. Thanks to Kelsey for letting me do this. And to everyone reading!

Friday, July 20, 2012

That Awkward Moment When..... Olympic Version

We live in a world that loves two things: olympics and the Simpsons.. So I don't know WHY I haven't seen the 2012 Olympic Logo until this morning... but now that I have, I can't stop laughing. Whoever was in charge of this HAD to have known what the logo looked like.

Okay. Here is the logo:

And here is Bart and Lisa Simpson hugging:

LIKE SERIOUSLY? They even have the pearls on lisa's necklace. The relationship is too uncanny to be an accident. So In terms of the olympics, I guess they thought nothing would represent it better than the Simpsons. And I couldn't agree more. Some people think its Lisa giving Bart a BJ.. but meh, thats up for interpretation.

I love the world we live in (but seriously. I do)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Okay, Brooke made up a melon related joke. Because we were eating cantaloupe. And I took her joke and made it even funnier. (well, I think so anyway).

Here is her joke:

What did the musk-melon say to the watermelon when he proposed?

- Sorry, but I can't elope!


What did the cantaloupe say to the watermelon when he proposed?

- HONEY, I DO!!!!!

(if you don't get it, just say it out loud..... FUNNY, RIGHT??)


whose joke do you like better?