Monday, June 11, 2012

Proof I am the Klutziest Klutz of Klutzville

Imagine a boat like this:

Note that a very defining characteristic of a boat, such as this one, is a long metal pole that runs along the top of the boat. Pretty obvious, right?

Well, for a girl who ran into a tree in grade 4 hard enough to go to the hospital...... It wasnt so obvious.

So my friend got onto the boat first, and I watched her do it - so I mean I should have seen her duck the pole. But no... I just hopped on, took a few steps forward while standing on the seats and smoked head first into the pole. And I went into the pole with such force that I was knocked onto my butt.

Pretty bad, right? Well it gets worse.

I didn't just fall. I fell directly onto a bag of chips. So that exploded and went everywhere. Thank goodness it was only lays chips and NOT doritos.

The thing is though, I was too embarrassed to feel any pain. Today - I definitely feel it. Goose-eggs are sexy, right?

Kelsey Edwards, queen of the derps.

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