Friday, June 1, 2012

pre-concert ticket jitters

ooo i got em bad. real bad.

I have a history of having amazing seats, and nothing short of it. Which has unfortunately made me very spoiled. After been front row twice for the jonas brothers, second row once, and second row for Joe Jonas.. i realized I hate settling for tickets. I will accept it, but I am also very willing to pay a premium for amazing tickets.

I am so bad. You know, being at a concert with your favourite celeb is amazing - but for me, I need those tickets. I need them so badly. Maybe thats because I usually fly solo to concerts, so if im alone - I want to have an amazing seat. But I dont know. Maybe it is because for a few hours I get to give into all my dreams and just feel like the girl of theirs.

It's a sad truth. But Justin Bieber tickets go on sale tomorrow, and I am so nervous. Like my stomach actually kills and my nerves are so high. His tickets sell out faster than the Jonas Brothers and I just really want close seats. However, I am going with my fellow beiber lover, so I think regardless of our seats we will have fun. And the last time i saw him, i didnt have the best seats and i was alone and I had a blast. So whatever. JUST. WHATEVER!

So anyway.

Here is to everyone who has ever stressed themselves out over buying tickets, and also for anyone buying bieber tickets tomorrow.


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