Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nail Polish REVOLUTION. Magnets?

As I'm sure most of you who know me intimately know - I am somewhat obsessed with nail polish. I do it almost every other day and I find it the funnest way to spruce up any outfit.

Some girls like shoes, I like nail polish.

But anyway, nail polish is totally being revolutionized. Not just in the way that it is becoming easier to apply, but the types of polish that exists. Yes, there is sparkly beautiful muppet nail polish - thats fun. But have you guys seen the new MAGNET nail polish? I don't own it yet, but I need to.

Apparently, you just put it on your nails with a brush like normal polish and then on the top of the polish brush there is a little magnet, you put it over the nail and move in an upward direction. This attracts the little magnet things in the nail polish and and makes these waves.

And I know what you are thinking - it cant be that easy. But I guess it is. I saw someone with this polish and absolutely DRILLED her about it. And yeah, seemed really easy.. Just like how sephora describes the process.

And I want it. No... wait... I need it. My birthday is july 26th. hint hint

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