Thursday, June 28, 2012


How many times have I posted "this is my next tattoo" in the past few months? My guess is 2. But I haven't followed through with any because none of them just really felt right. This though, this feels perfect.

It is demi lovato's signature heart.. and i know what you are thinking, that I already have a Demi Lovato inspired tattoo - but even that tattoo means so much more than just demi lovato. It means whatever I wanted it to mean, and the same thing with this tattoo. It signifies how unperfect love is, and yet how right it is at the same time. It signifies staying strong, and will be a constant reminder that love is louder. And my sister is going to get a matching tattoo, and I think it just means so much for us as sisters. Our love is so strong, but we have our flaws and we aren't perfect. But we are happy, and we try hard and we've never given up on each other. It shows that we will always be there for each other.

I dont know. I think it is perfect and I just feel so right about it.


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