Monday, June 25, 2012

Directionally Derped

For those of you who know me enough to have ever rode in a car while I was driving, you know that I am AWFUL with directions. When I am supposed to go to the outskirts of Toronto for a concert, I end up smack dab downtown. When I drive in town, Chatham, the place I have been living in for 20 some odd years - I am constantly saying "okay now do I turn left?" I never know the best/quickest ways to go. I am just one of those people who can't master directions.

So here is proof that it is really bad, and also probably genetic.

Every day when I commute to work it takes me about 30 minutes. And recently I found out from my fellow commuting coworkers that I am going the long way (oops). But my way was really easy. Get on the 401. Get off the 401. Turn left. You're there. Easy, I could handle that. But whatever, if I could take 10 mins off my commute - well I am all for it. So last friday I asked coworker if I could follow her home, and learn the quick route. It seemed easy enough. So this morning, I got into my car at 7:55 and was feeling like I could master the short cut no problem. Wrong I was.

I work in ridgetown, right? Well before I knew it I was in Dresden, which definitely is not ridgetown (I thought it might be, because I was already lost and there were no signs for ridgetown so i figured CLOSED ENOUGH. Nope). So at this point it is already 8:30, which is when I start work. I had to go outside and ask a random pedestrian how to get to Ridgetown and he was like uh duh, and turns out I totally dropped the ball and went thr wrong way. Total polar opposite ways. Just check the squares on the google map. So now I am about 30 more minutes away from work. But whatever, I got there.

45 minutes late. Because I wanted to take the "short cut". HA!

But anyway, I told my sister Brooke about it and was pretty upset, not crying but really mad and like cracky voice. And she was just like "don't worry Kelsey, one time I was trying to go to Chatham and ended up in Wallaceburg." See, genetic.


  1. Hmm a concert on the outskirts of Toronto? Wonder when that was ;)

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