Wednesday, June 6, 2012

be careful what you believe....

You know what there is A LOT of in the world? FALSE INFORMATION!

Now, I am not just talking about gossip. Because we all know not to believe everything we hear when it comes to gossip (right, guys???) But when it comes to other things... ie, real life advice/truths, we are soooo eager to believe everything we hear. It is actually kind of scary.

I think we are so willing to believe the things we hear, because as humans - we are collectors. So when we hear some cool information, we usually just start to believe it, because it is another story/fact we have under our belt that we can use to impress others.

However. You have to be really careful what you believe. Because, well, there is a lot of false information out there - and readily believe everything you hear can get you into trouble.

Sure, there are some things that are harmless - so if you believe it, whatever. No harm. But there are some things that are just very wrong, and people should not be believing. But when there is annnny sort of authority behind the "fact", we blindly accept it as being truth. For example. Yesterday I got a facial and was told that we as humans need to drink 6L of water a day. Not 6 cups. 6 LITRES. and it was said as if EVERYONE did it and you were crazy if you didn't. Well guess what? you don't. And people on certain medications - or if you drink it all at once - can actually die from over hydration. So its good to question the things you hear - even if the people telling you sound really confident.

You know, being skeptical is actually a really great thing. My roommate Dylan kind of inspired me last year, whenever I would say something he didn't fully believe, or even something kind of farfetched - he would go on a google-based search to find the truth (lol truth finder)... but it was awesome because even if I was wrong, I learned something new. And if I was right, well then - I had more confidence in telling my stories. And I liked knowing that what I was telling people was a truth.

Of course I don't want you going and googling every thing you hear. Just be careful, is all.


ps you might want to google this blog just incase, you know, i am telling false information.


  1. i know this is a lame example for your eye-opening advice... but those effing twitter fact pages are always very stupid and wrong.
    a good example would be a lot of articles on online newspaper-y sites that are 'summaries' of scientific journals, most are dramatic interpretations by columnists who have no clue what they're talking about... im sure many of your nutrition and psychology profs mentioned these many times haha ugh so frustrating!
    my favourite misinterpretation of data would be the whole weed is not addictive and grows brain cells and is GOOD for you bullshit... its like "really?? so WEED is the solution to stem cell regeneration??" hahaha
    great post kels, really stuck a chord!!

  2. ugh! i know, just seeing this late but sometimes people retweet that stupid stuff on twitter and it is just SO false. and like people change their lives based on this stuff, its like duuuude. chill - look into it. There is soooo many things, like one article will say "____ is amazing for you" and another saying "______ is bad for you".. its all about the scientific method behind it that you have to pay attention to. that is seriously the best thing ive EVER learned from university - is how to be skeptical when reading articles and to not take everything at face value. maybe it makes me a douchebag, but at least i am a well informed douchebag!

    love ya and glad you dug the post!