Thursday, June 28, 2012


How many times have I posted "this is my next tattoo" in the past few months? My guess is 2. But I haven't followed through with any because none of them just really felt right. This though, this feels perfect.

It is demi lovato's signature heart.. and i know what you are thinking, that I already have a Demi Lovato inspired tattoo - but even that tattoo means so much more than just demi lovato. It means whatever I wanted it to mean, and the same thing with this tattoo. It signifies how unperfect love is, and yet how right it is at the same time. It signifies staying strong, and will be a constant reminder that love is louder. And my sister is going to get a matching tattoo, and I think it just means so much for us as sisters. Our love is so strong, but we have our flaws and we aren't perfect. But we are happy, and we try hard and we've never given up on each other. It shows that we will always be there for each other.

I dont know. I think it is perfect and I just feel so right about it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Work Out (side)

So I heard the CKSY morning show talk about this youtube video this morning (that was before I was on the radio... I was on the radio erryone).. and then I decided to check it out on cksy's blog and realized it was HILARIOUS. I don't farm, but I am from a farm town and my house is surrounded by corn fields, so I got all the jokes. The boys are really quite clever. I laughed out loud quite a few times, too. I am sure you all will too. Enjoy :)

I'm Farming and I Grow IT!

Don't Do Drugs.... Or drink water...

I don't know why, but the other day I was thinking about high school - and I was thinking about health class. And I remembered the video that we were shown during a class about drugs, and how much of an impact it had on me.

It was an anti-ecstasy video... but the focus of the video was a girl who at a party did ecstasy, and ended up dying. But not from an overdose of the drug, or from a bad reaction... but because while on ecstasy she ended up drinking too much water and her brain swelled and she died.

And my sister, who is 3 years younger than me, also was shown that video during health class - and she also felt the impact that I felt.


That was all I could think after. I thought NOTHING of the dangers of ecstasy, all I thought about was the danger of overdosing on water. Like legit. It was such a poor documentary to show grade 9s because it was like "well she didnt die from ecstasy, she died from WATER!" stupid, because ecstasy is scary... but like, it wasn't an effective video at all. Like I can't even remember how the drug works in the body, or what it does, I just know that it makes you thirsty and so thirsty you die.

This is super random, but I bet a bunch of you have seen the video, and felt the same way I did.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

daily LOL: Bad Luck Brian

Well. We all know I have some bad luck, but not as bad as Brian's. However. I know he is an "older" meme, but I finally checked him out on my own (rather than waiting for people to retweet or post something on facebook) and I realized we have some things in common. I chose the memes that affected me on a personal level (either because it has happened, or it just affected me in some deeper way...)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Directionally Derped

For those of you who know me enough to have ever rode in a car while I was driving, you know that I am AWFUL with directions. When I am supposed to go to the outskirts of Toronto for a concert, I end up smack dab downtown. When I drive in town, Chatham, the place I have been living in for 20 some odd years - I am constantly saying "okay now do I turn left?" I never know the best/quickest ways to go. I am just one of those people who can't master directions.

So here is proof that it is really bad, and also probably genetic.

Every day when I commute to work it takes me about 30 minutes. And recently I found out from my fellow commuting coworkers that I am going the long way (oops). But my way was really easy. Get on the 401. Get off the 401. Turn left. You're there. Easy, I could handle that. But whatever, if I could take 10 mins off my commute - well I am all for it. So last friday I asked coworker if I could follow her home, and learn the quick route. It seemed easy enough. So this morning, I got into my car at 7:55 and was feeling like I could master the short cut no problem. Wrong I was.

I work in ridgetown, right? Well before I knew it I was in Dresden, which definitely is not ridgetown (I thought it might be, because I was already lost and there were no signs for ridgetown so i figured CLOSED ENOUGH. Nope). So at this point it is already 8:30, which is when I start work. I had to go outside and ask a random pedestrian how to get to Ridgetown and he was like uh duh, and turns out I totally dropped the ball and went thr wrong way. Total polar opposite ways. Just check the squares on the google map. So now I am about 30 more minutes away from work. But whatever, I got there.

45 minutes late. Because I wanted to take the "short cut". HA!

But anyway, I told my sister Brooke about it and was pretty upset, not crying but really mad and like cracky voice. And she was just like "don't worry Kelsey, one time I was trying to go to Chatham and ended up in Wallaceburg." See, genetic.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inspiration from One Direction

Inspirational (ish) quotes from each member of one direction. It's pretty simple stuff, but these were some of my favourites.

Zayn- “No matter how hard life is, don’t lose hope.”

Niall- “Changing is for weirdos."

Harry- “I think you have to take me for me; I am who I am.”

Louis- “Live fast, Have fun, and be a bit mischievous”

Liam- “Dreams are like stars; you may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny.”

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rules for posting on the Internet

Here we are. The list of rules for posting on the internet, by Kelsey Edwards. (note, this also applies over texting)

1. Would you say it to someone in person? Yes? Really? If so, then go ahead and say it. If it is something you would even hesitate to say to someone in person, then WHY would you think it is okay to say it over the internet? If you can honestly ask yourself if you would say it to someone in person, then go and say it online. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

2. Would you be hurt/upset if someone said what you are about to say to you? If the answer is yes, you better really think it over - because you might regret what you say. And if you have to say something and have to really get it out - then say it in person, because that way you wont be misinterpreted and things wont spiral into a big fight over some sort of comment.

3. That kind of ties into my third point. Can what you are saying be interpreted in a different way? In a more negative way? If it does, reword it. It is amazing how the tone of a sentence or paragraph can just with just a few changes. Be really carful.

I just really think that because we are becoming so dependant on cell phones (texting) and internet for communication, we forget how to communicate with others... and if we aren't careful, we can really lose that skill forever. Thats what it is, communication is a skill - and it is a really important one. But when you aren't communicating face to face it is really easy to say something that you would normally say, and become someone who you aren't.

Just, be a good person. Online and in person.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Awkward Moment When.....

Where you are a sitting in some sort of public place, take work for example.
Just minding your own business. Doing your thang.

When all of a sudden you get a whiff of a terrible smell: BODY ODOUR!

After you get over the initial grossness of the smell, panic begins to overcome you. When you realize that the smell is in close enough proximity that it might be YOU emitting the smell. OH. MY. GOD.

And then panic turns to straight up fear, because you still have hours left at work. And if you smell, well, thats embarrassing. But more than that, its gross.

But then your rational and cool self takes over, and tells you that you NEED to check yourself (before you wreck yourself). So you move into some sort of inconspicuous position and take a whiff of your own pits. Maintaing a cool poker face the entire time.


Now, you move from your inconspicuous pit-sniffing position to a confident arms-in-the-air position - taunting the world. Like, "YEAH! COME SMELL THESE PITS!"

And then you realize you just wasted a solid 5 minutes and get back to work.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Divas On a DIME!

Alright ladies, get ready to thank me. (and guys.. for posting this picture of a model in a swim suit)

If you are anything like me, then you LOVE victoria's secrets bathing suits. They are high quality, and really adorable. A bathing suit you can trust.

I have bought cheap bathing suits at places like wet seal before, just because they were super cheap - but they were just that, cheap. And I swore I wouldn't put myself through that again.

But when I looked at the $70 price ticket on a VS bikini... I decided to shop around. Can you blame me, really??

And I ended up finding something I am actually so shocked and impressed with.

A bathing suit from... ARDENES?!?!? Yes.

It was 2/$20, and it is amazing. The top is thick, the padding hasn't moved, and it makes me look as good as a VS bathing suit would. I don't know, you might want to check them out. The selection is amazing, and the quality ranges from meh to awesome. If you feel like saving some money (or spending the same amount but getting 3 bikinis rather than 1) you may want to hit up Ardene's!

While you are there, you might want to pick up some 3/15 sunglasses and scarfs and any other cute summer accessories you want. I love going there for costume jewellery because you can buy LOTS for very little. And yeah, it isn't always the highest quality stuff and breaks sometimes, but most of the time it just looks adorable at a very low cost!

You're welcome.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

awed wonder

“The feeling of awed wonder that science can give us is one of the highest experiences of which the human psyche is capable. It is a deep aesthetic passion to rank with the finest that music and poetry can deliver. It is truly one of the things that make life worth living and it does so, if anything, more effectively if it convinces us that the time we have for living is quite finite.”

- Richard Dawkins

Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Start A Movement!

After my convocation, I felt like Alastair Summerlee must have read my blog before! Because he gave some very good advice that I am constantly blogging about. Smiling!

Of course I know he probably hasn't read my blog, but I just found it amazing that my one main mantra in life was what the president of the university of guelph preached about to all the grads of 2012. But he made it very powerful, and I want to summarize it a bit. (With my own twists).

We all want to change the world, right? Well guess what?

We all CAN, and it hardly takes any effort. Its all about smiling at people - because it is a natural human reaction: when you smile at someone they will smile back. They can't help it. Maybe it will take a moment or two, but if you are persistent you will be able to get a smile out of them!

Maybe you don't feel like smiling, but maybe the person you smile at needed it even more than you would. You never know what someone is going through in their personal life, so why would you do anything that would increase their suffering?

It doesn't take any extra time in your life, and yet it has the power to change the moods of those around you. And with that, you can change the world's of those people. And with that - you will change the world.

Let's start a movement: let's start smiling.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there:

the men who dedicate so much time, and so much love to us.

the men who we always seem to get mad at, because they are the ones that care enough to punish us when we are shit heads.

I hope you all do something nice for your dads, grandpas, or any other special men in your life. it doesn't have to be something huge, just something nice. a cupcake, or a movie night, or just a hug.

Words can't describe how grateful I am.

Thank you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

As If Going To Work Was Hard Enough....

... but imagine leaving behind these two faces?

It's always the little things in life that mean the most. Embrace those.

Because like they say, one day - those will be the big things.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We Did It!

This is for all my fellow graduates:

This week is a huge week.

This is the week we have been waiting for the last 4 years.

Where all of our hard work finally pays off.

Where we forget all the stress, and remember only the good times.

The week where we get to do what 70% of Canadians our age don't.

Where we become more than just students at the university.

We become Alumni.

Where we get to look back on all those nights we stayed in, not with resentment, but pride.

And where we look back at all the nights we DIDN'T stay in, not with regret - but happiness.

Because those were the nights we will never forget.

With the friends we will never lose.

This is the week we don't understand all the weird emotions we feel.

The week where we laugh.

Where we cry.

Where we get to dress up and really feel like grown ups.

Because we are grown ups.

This is a time we will look back on for the rest of our lives.

This is the week where everything really gets to be all about us.

The week that we are allowed to brag.

Where we finally get recognition for all the hard work and money we've spent.

This is the time we get to take the stage.

Where we get to take it all in.

Because this is when get to show the world that we didn't give up.

This is the week we finally get to say that we did it.

... we did it!

Congratulations to the class of 2012:

Long Live