Wednesday, May 2, 2012

yet ANOTHER pet-peeve (toilets)

Today at work, when I had to take a pee break and use a public toilet - I realized I have another very big and very common pet peeve - pee on toilet seats. LIKE COME ON!

Like okay. Here is why it is so annoying.

1 - Learn how to aim. Not that hard.
Here is a guide to show you what to do vs. what not to do. DURRRRRR!

2 - Like, okay, if say you do spray a bit (maybe you were excited or maybe you sneezed - whatever), friggen WIPE IT UP. It takes 2 seconds and is really non-gross of you & makes a huge difference for the next person. Like come on, who leaves 3 droplets of pee. Its disgusting. You are disgusting if you are guilty of doing it without cleaning it up.


Because as if using a public toilet isn't already gross.

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