Monday, May 7, 2012

Whatever, It Made Someone Smile.

The other day after I went and saw The Lucky One with my best friend Shelley (which, by the way was a decent movie, not bad but not wonderful) - we ended up hanging out in her car and talking for about an hour... and we started to talk about making other people happy. And I realized how easy, and yet how rarely, people do this.

So a lot of people think I am weird, that's ok. I am. But I've noticed a few things.. There are a couple people that just loathe me because of this weirdness, but for the rest of the world - I bring smiles to people when people don't feel like smiling.

For example, the last week of work has involved training for the new computer system coming it - and it gets boring and a little stressful. And people just have no fun. And it isn't fun stuff, really, but I try to make everyone have a good time. If I just sit there and mindlessly nod my head, the people around me will probably follow suit. And be bored for the next four hours... but instead of doing it, I shout out really obvious answers with enthusiasm, or I answer an obvious question in the exact wrong way (for example, they drill into our head that the answer to every question is right clicking, so when the instructor asks what we are supposed to do, I of course will answer "LEFT CLICK!"). It sounds a little stupid, but it makes people have a better time, and hey. No harm.

Another thing I have noticed is that if you walk into a room without a smile, the people who are in the room are less likely to smile at you. But when you walk in with a huge smile on your face, and give warm smiles or little "hi"s to people, they will probably smile right back. And believe it or not, it is literally impossible to feel sad when you have a smile on your face (talk about fooling your subconscious).

So if smiling does no harm, and actually makes other people happier - why not do it more often? Why not spread some joy to the joyless?

I have become way less shy the last few years, and it really amazes me how much you can influence other people's moods - just by smiling and be goofy. When you walk into a store and a person asks you for help - that is their job and they probably feel uncomfortable asking you in the first place, so why would you make them feel even more uncomfortable? If you could use help, just let them help. There is no harm, and it probably makes your stop to the shop much easier...

And also, there are grumpy people all around the world - and being goofy makes them feel happier 99% of the time. I will tell a hilarious example, an example where I legit know I MADE someone's day. I was buying my mac, and because it was a large credit card purchase, she had to ask for my ID. And you could tell she knew she was being annoying by asking, and she knew I wasn't faking my identity - but she HAD to ask. So, me being me, decided to play around with her and go "Oh! NO problem! hope this works" and I pull out Frankie's ID card that I got at the vet (legit complete with a mug-shot of my puppy)... and she HOWLED. like, she was so expecting me to just grumpily pull out my ID, but instead of that I just made a quick little joke, and it took her by surprise and made her so happy.

Another personal example: I was at a conference, and we had to say our name/job/location/favourite hobby (and the hobby was added to make the introductions more fun - and the instructors were really trying to inspire people to have fun with it)... but no one was answering fun hobbies, it was all "i dont have a hobby" "uhm. golf" and you could tell the instructors were disappointed, but they couldnt do anything about it because they were on a different level than the people at the conference. It is hard to influence people when you are in charge (because you are "telling" them what to do, and people don't always respond to that).

So i knew I had to do something to help get this rolling. If I had fun with the response, people would feel less alone if they also had fun with their responses. So I was all serious with the first part, being very boring and professional... and after that, while knowing that I was clearly the youngest person at the conference I decided to play with this, and have a little fun with the hobby (which we were ASKED to do).

So I went "and my hobby is (in a monotone)....... JUSTIN BIEBER!" and the room exploded into laughter, and believe it or not - the responses got more and more goofy after that. Felt pretty awesome.

People love to be surprised. And people love to be smiled at.

Thats why, I am honestly okay that there are some people that think I am weird... because for the most part, I make people smile. People that might not have smiled otherwise. And that is a damn good feeling. Life is pretty tough on all of us, and you never know what someone is going through - so why would you ever do something to them that would make them feel crappier than they already feel?

The best part of this, is that amazingly, it makes you feel really good, too. Happiness is so contagious - and yet everyone seems so hesitant to spread it. Just, be yourself - and share the love whenever you can. You will be AMAZED where it gets you in life.

and I know, I get a little crazy.
and I know, I get a little loud.

and I know, I'm never going to fake it.

I am wild. I am free. I am more than you think - so call me a freak.

But that's just the way I roll.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud so many times. Inspirational too. :)