Monday, May 21, 2012

What We Can Learn From Lil' Kids

Yesterday at a family get together, which was mostly filled with adults, there were 2 little children (approx 5 and 3) who were just adorable and stole my heart.

Something you should know about me is that kids and dogs ALWAYS love me. And so, when there are kids at a party I always end up becoming a babysitter-type deal - and I honestly love it. Last night I ended the night with the 2 little kids taking turns sitting on my lap and watching the fireworks. Couldn't ask for more.

But anyway, these kids taught me some things and definitely made me laugh a lot - so I thought I should share with you all.

First, kids fall. ALL THE TIME. This is me, being a child - walk walk walk, fall, walk walk, run, fall, repeat. But they always just get back up and they don't let it ruin their mood or their fun. I mean, when kids fall it hurts a lot less than when we fall.. but still, it was the whole embarrassment factor that impressed me. They just didn't care they made a fool out of themselves. They just got back up and did their own thing. Impressive. (see that picture of the cute little blond falling straight on her butt? yeah, thats me. adorable right?)

Second. Kids are SO honest, and they never ever mean to hurt you. Their honesty is always so good hearted and usually they are just so genuinely curious, so they ask. Like the little girl yesterday was looking at my lip ring and just kept grabbing at her own lips and going "OUCH! OUCH!" and freaking out over it. Like you should take that out, its hurting you.

And once we were walking and she just stopped and stared at me... so I was like "what??" and she was like "nothing. I just forgot what you looked like and I wanted to remember". Total awwwwww.


Finally, kids are SO ready to make friends - and they DONT discriminate. You can be old, young, girl, boy... they don't care. If you are nice to them and put yourself out there, they will give you a chance. They dont care about rumors or gossip. They just want to be your friend. We should try that.

I love kids. I love kids so very much!

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