Friday, May 18, 2012

What is A Birthday, Anyway?

Today is my sister's 19th birthday... which of course makes me feel old and happy and excited all at the same time. But mostly, it makes me realize how important family is.

And when I think of family, of course I think of my brother Dale as being part of that family. And I just like, man. Dale is awesome. Not only did he ride his bike across Canada, but he has backpacked Europe, never shaved his chest hair, is an "expert" photographer AND is becoming a DOCTOR. I couldn't be more proud of him, and be more honoured to call myself his sister. Dale. Thank you. Even though you are 6 years older than me, because we both went to Guelph at the same time for a bit, we were able to develop a grown up relationship - and that was nice. So just, I love you Dale. This one is for you!


Brooke, this is for you.

I think everyone knows how much my sister means to me, anyone who sees one of us without the other generally ends up asking something along the lines of "where is your other half"? and anyone who has a sister can understand the feelings I feel. I am so proud of her, and yet even though she is still my younger sister, she is growing into such a wonderful young lady and I am just so proud. And I think you make me a better person too. A lot of who I am is because of you.

If you are an older sister and your sister is turning 19, a great way to be the best sister ever - is to volunteer to be her personal DD/taxi for the night. It wins you major points in the sister book.

Birthdays come once a year, and momentous birthdays come even less often. A 19th birthday is the most exciting day for most people, it is the first day they EVER get to try alcohol. I remember the day I turned 19....... I went to detroit (where the drinking age is 21) and I was front row for a jonas brothers concert. I didnt get drunk off of alcohol that night, but I sure did get drunk off of Joe Jonas's tight pants (NAW WHAT I MEAN????)

People play off birthdays. But hey, if you have the time - do something to make them feel special if you can. They deserve it.


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