Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The University Myth

Hi all.

So this is me about to do sooooooome ranting. And also to just help open your minds.

So I just graduated from University, correct? And when I was in high school - I thought university was the BIG THING. The only option for smart people. I mean, they prime you for it all through high school. The harder classes are called "UNIVERSITY" courses - so all you think about post-highschool is university. of course.

so i didnt even LOOK at college. not even once. I mean, I knew nursing was a college program - but I am so bad with blood that I knew that wasn't a career for me. but other than that, I had NO idea what college had to offer. Nothing. None. And i didn't care. And I didn't care throughout university, I didnt think I was missing a thing.

But now that I am graduated, and finding it impossible to find a job or even understand what I am qualified to do with my undergrad, I realize that maybe college was worth a look.

Now I am not saying that university wasnt worth it. It was AMAZING. The best 4 years of my life. I feel infinite times smarter, and my skills in critical thinking and essay writing and expressing myself in an intelligent way have increased in such a way that I couldn't ask for more. It taught me things I dont think college ever could have, and I have become knowledgeable in so many different fields.

But that being said, I wish that I went into university having some sort of life plan. Because now that I graduated, with psychology and biology degrees, it kind of leaves the world really wide open - and yet really shut at the same time. I graduated deans list and everything. When I tell people my degree they mostly go "annnd what can you do with that?" (nothing. the answer is nothing).

I know so many people, people that don't want to go the masters route or dont want to be a teacher, or dont want an mba, who are just screwed into crappy jobs they hate and feeling stuck. and sometimes, these jobs are minimum wage or slightly higher... which is crazy.... because we were told that UNIVERSITY was what we should do if we want to be successful. I never heard anything other than that. and I looked down on college, because I thought if I went to college I would have a shitty job and no options.

Now i see how flawed that is, and how different my life could have been had I chosen to look at college. I have been looking at programs and schools, and the careers that i actually want - and never have been excited by any of the post-bio or psych routes.. and i do not want to be a teacher or in business.. so it was like eff im screwed. but then i found a career that i actually felt passionate about, just to learn that it was a 4 year undergrad program at a college.


I could have been graduated from this program, my dream program.. and had the job I wanted. If only I hadn't brushed college to the side.

BUT! Please understand. I am not saying college is for everyone. i just think it is overlooked by a lot of people, and college is for smart people. there are some programs that universities just cant offer, and this is where college comes in. People like me who are really indecisive and have no idea what the future holds for them might benefit really largely from college, rather than going through uni and switching programs a million times and end up a confused and lost graduate.

Its just something to think about. I know I wish I had.

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