Sunday, May 6, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

Hello. I am just posting this because if you ever want to impress me, these are things that make me happy. The kind of happy where like, if you ever feel like getting me some of these things, or doing these things with me - you get on my favourite person list. And that is a good list to be on. Just saying.

Taco Bell

So.... If you feel like getting me a big box value meal, please do. I like getting 2 soft tacos with beans instead of meat, cheese fries and a dr pepper. It is actually I all need to ever be happy. I swear to god (lol) I could eat it ever day. Every day. I did last night and I could again right now. And then later.


I quite enjoy a good coffee here and there. And by here and there, I mean at all times. Any type of coffee makes this lady happy. And believe it or not, coffee is actually really good for you. A couple cups a day can reduce risk for quite a few things - like, cardiovascular things. So drink up and feel good about it.

Chocolate Milk



I looooove doritos. it is actually rather unhealthy and disgusting.... but I love them. Ugh I can actually eat an entire bag in one sitting. I like the dill pickle kind, the sweet chili heat, original, annnnnnnd really - any other kind. If you feel like watching a movie and dom-showing a bag of doritos, lezzzzzzz do it.

Green Tea Frapp

As of right now, I have only ever had one from Starbucks. But I am sure you can find them in other coffee places, which I really hope because Chatham is like one of the only places in the world that does not have a starbucks. These are so delish. I like them with non-fat milk and no whipped cream (the whipped cream just doesnt exactly mix well with green tea if you ask me). But yeah, I LOVE these. I hated them growing up, but just love them now.

My Sister

Especially my sister with her hair like this... If anyone could make her look like this again, well I would pretty much owe you forever. Meow.

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  1. damn I'm looking fine. But your list is quite fab, and very healthy....