Thursday, May 10, 2012

That Awkward Moment When.....

I find this outrageously funny, and I am preeetty sure that all of my fellow Harry Potter fans will agree with me on this... but it also rings a truth with me. Not that I ever truly believed that I could flush myself down a toilet and end up in the ministry of magic or anything (I was old enough when the HP series came out to know better)... but like, we all have things in our lives that just shattered us when we found out they weren't real.

There are the obvious examples, like Santa and the Tooth Fairy (if you read this and still believe, then i am JUST KIDDING). But there are other less universal things. Everyone in their life has something pretty unique to them that they truly believed, and were shocked when they found out otherwise.

For me, it was finding out that I wasn't really going to turn into a Sailor Scout. Because like, I effin TRAINED. HARD. and i was SOOOOO ready for the day a random cat with a crescent moon on its forehead would find me on the streets... and just incase it didn't recognize me, i regularly wore my hair in "meatballs" (just like sailor moon for you n00bz). And eventually, it kind of dawned on me that I wasn't magical... and that kind of sucked. Luckily I never tried flushing myself down the toilet, but I spent HOURS training. Not just playing either, but going HARD. And sometimes my friends would call and I would tell them that Sailor Jupiter was over helping me train and I couldn't talk for very long.


A more ridiculous story is the story I call "finding out what ribs ACTUALLY were". Everyone I tell this story to thinks I am an idiot and that I live up to the blonde stereotype... but like, my world was shaken (big time) when i figured out what ribs really were. I never liked them growing up, and so one day my famjam was making ribs, so i was making myself kraft dinner... and i was standing at the pot while everyone was eating their ribs, and i was just like "so wait.... what body part of the animal are the ribs from...... OH MY GOD IS IT THE RIBS?" and yeah, it is.

but like, even now... that WEIRDS ME THE EFFFFFFF OUT. I always thought they were called ribs because they were meant to like LOOK like ribs and it was a funny play on words.. but nope. they are the literal ribs of the animal. barf. but this is coming from the girl who thought that meat (any type) was from a meat sac of an animal. I had NOOOOOOOO idea til like grade 10 that meat was the MUSCLE of an animal. yuck.


Just thought it was a cute picture and it reminded me of the random things that I truly believed were real growing up... like I remember talking to my stuffed animals and them talking back (but my mom has informed me that she was in clear sight and was being a puppeteer... but i NEVER saw her. i thought stuffed animals were magic).. but hopefully this brought a smile to you and maybe makes you remember some cute memories you have. stay young.

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