Monday, May 28, 2012

proof i'm blonde (VERY blonde.)

say for example you were blind and thus could not tell what colour my hair was... or if you did not believe that I was a natural blind - I have conjured the perfect example of my deep-rooted blondeness for you all to enjoy.

so, enjoy!

After getting ice cream with my family, we were talking about how high gas prices were and how public transit is going to expand and stuff. and we started to talk about how bad via rail is, like for the times it runs and for the prices you have to pay.

And my sister Brooke shared an anecdote along these lines:

"Yeah! It is so brutal. Last year I wanted to visit Kelsey but the only times I could have gotten in at were 5 am or 10 pm, and that wasn't worth it just for one night."

and me, being me, thought she was talking about her friend kelsey so I go:

"ohhh really? where did kelsey go to school??"

and everyone just dead pans and looks at me like uhhhhhhh are you an idiot? and brooke is like "Kelsey? as in YOU? You went to Guelph."


Yep I sure did.

kelsey edwards, derpin since 1990

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