Wednesday, May 30, 2012

kelsey edwards: murderer?

So. Today was a sad sad day for Kelsey Edwards (me). I killed an animal. A living, breathing, tree-dwelling animal. And I couldn't be more sad about it.

I got in a car accident last summer because I refused to squish a family of little ducklings, but this morning at approximately 8:25, I killed a squirrel. It was like, I didn't even see it coming or have time to even realize what was happening. It came out of no where and went right behind my front tires and got hit by my back tires. I know it was a squirrel because when I looked back he was moving (twitching) and thus still alive. That gave me SOME hope. When I drove back from work he defs was dead. Just like my hope.

And so after I had realized what happened, I did what any normal person would have done and pulled into the mcgregor parking lot and sobbed my squirrel killing eyes out. and then when i pulled myself together after a pep talk from my sister and hit the road again, i had to stop my car for two ducks crossing the road! SERIOUSLY! what is WITH chatham??

So this post is dedicated to Mr. Squirrel. Who probably had a family and was probably out searching for nuts and other food to bring to his hungry family.

It is a tough world for a squirrel out there, and you gotta get by somehow - ya know?

Just a regular squirrel. Living his life one moment, and smoked by my car and dead the next.

So here is to you.

I hope you are happy in squirrel heaven, and that there are lots of nuts and acorns and seeds that you don't have to run across busy roads at rush hour traffic time in order to obtain.

I won't forget you.

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