Saturday, May 5, 2012


I honestly had not planned this, nor did I even know she was coming to Toronto.. I have been super busy and really slacking on all my favourite celebs. But this morning I was eating raisin bran and watching Girls (again) and saw tweets from my friends freaking out over getting Demi Lovato tickets. At the molson amplitheatre (the same place I last saw her, about 2 years ago now.. wow)

Seeing the clock was 10:27 I felt really sad because that probably meant tickets went on sale at 10, and I wasn't going to get good tickets - but I figured I might as well try. I asked Brooke if she wanted to come, she didn't, so I clicked for a single ticket. Best avail... and ended up getting 6th row.

SIXTH. ROW. I have seen her a few times (with the JoBros) and every time she was amazing. We have even had a moment where we talked and spoke in french, and I just feel like me and Demi are soul mates. And I know that sounds so lame, but I do.

I think every single girl that has ever struggled with growing up feels that way with Demi. She might be younger than me, but she has gone through stuff that is just so real and so true and stuff that happens to SO many girls - but its stuff that no one talks away. But Demi was so brave and she shared her stories, even though it wasn't easier.

And it is because of her so many people, including myself, call themselves (and feel) unbroken. Demi is my role model, and I know that is so weird with her being 2 years younger. But I look to her in every way, her amazing style, her breath-taking beauty and her courage. And she knows she isn't perfect, and she knows that its hard to be happy all the time...

And she loves her fans, and never ever gets tired of them - which is something that so many celebs so (sadly...). but ugh, all those things alone would make me excited to sit through her concert...

But it is her voice. It is just world-shaking. There is no voice out there that is as powerful and as brave as hers is. She just, is amazing... and to see her live, well its probably the greatest thing I could ever ask for.

And I finally get to see most of my jonas girls again, it has been a ver very long time, so that is something I get to look forward too. I love how music and artists can bring people together. Ugh, Demi lovato. You rock.


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