Thursday, May 24, 2012

day over, BRA OFF!

Ladies: Can I get a woop woop over here?

This could not be any more true. There is nothing more rewarding then coming home, putting on comfy pyjamas and ripping off your bra. Pyjamas are nice, yes, but there is something about that moment when you release yourself from the bra where you just go "ahhhhhhh", like "now I can relax".

Its not like bras stress me out. I love bras. A LOT. Me and gravity have a lot of beef, so its like, I need a bra. But at the end of the day, I am NOT sad to see that bra go. Its like saying goodbye to your awesome boss at the end of the work day - like, you love your boss and love working with them, but you are happy when you finally get to separate yourself from him/her because it means no more work. Except with a bra, when it comes off it means NO MORE ANYTHING. Just puuuuure lounging and relaxation.

Bras off, relaxation ON!

night xo

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