Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves

I seem to have a lot of very common pet peeves, like people chewing really loudly or slow walkers, or people with TERRIBLE grammar (especially the ones who don't think it is a big deal, because guess what? IT IS A BIG DEAL, and its easy to fix, ugh)... but I have one pet peeve, pretty recently developed, that just drives me INSANE.

As you know I have a puppy, and I walk him quite often. Its cute.

But where I live in Guelph is located by like 4 or 5 schools, its outrageous how many students walk around at lunch time or after school... and the street i live on is pretty busy, so naturally there's a stop-light-crosswalk in order to help them safely cross the road. And I watch people "use" it all the time.

Pretty great! Right? Yes... BUT here is where my pet peeve come in.

I don't mind when people press the button to cross the road, wait until the lights turn red for the cars, and then cross the road. No one really minds waiting for students to cross the road.

But what I hate is when they press the button, notice an opening in traffic and j-walk. And then like 15 seconds later the lights turn red, and then all these cars are stopped for no reason. No one is crossing and its just like... uhhhhhh.... WTF WHY AM I STOPPED? I HAVE THE WORST LUCK. (etc)

Like 1 - jaywalking is ILLEGAL.

and 2 - if you are going to jaywalk, do what I do and DON'T press a button that makes cars stop. Just like wait on the side of the road and then go when theres an opening.

Moral of the story, if you press the button, you better friggen commit and wait to cross when the little hand turns into a little walking man. It might take like 20 more seconds than if you jaywalked when you had the opportunity. but you are committed. like. come on!!!!!!!

So that, is a pet peeve of mine. A big one.

The end.

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