Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My University Of Guelph Bucket List

There are things that every student at the University of Guelph should do at some point in their undergrad career... I feel like I have done a pretty good job, too. But there are a few very CRUCIAL things I have yet to do.. I have 2 weeks left here, which is more than enough time to cross these things off.. But, like, don't judge me for not yet doing these things (its pretty bad though, I know)

1. Eat a Bob's dog.

They have veggie dogs, and I walk past him almost every single day and he always puts a smile on my face with that awesome moustache of his. Of course the epic music he always has blaring makes the environment even greater. So I MUST consume one of Bob's famous dogs/

2. Go to the Arboretum.

This is a BIGGIE. I know, just shocking that I have not. There really is no reason why I haven't yet, other than just never taking the time to go. I have heard amazing things and one of my best friends even wants to get married there, so I should REALLY scope it out before then.

3. Go to the RANCH.

It seems I have avoided this bar my entire undergrad career, probably for the sole reason that I hate country music... I hate it a lot. And everyone seems to know this about me, so if I am in the mix - the ranch just never seems to come out as a suggestion. Well, I am now SORTA willing to go. So if anyone wants to go in the next 2 weeks - let a sista know ;)

4. Paint the Cannon!

Yes. WHAT THE HELL KELSEY? Everything on this list is so major and so integral to being a student at Guelph... I just, haven't and it really sucks. But neither have a lot of my friends. So we are hoping to just one day stumble on over and paint a pretty picture and our names on it and all will be good and wonderful.

5. Get happy cab 15

I am so effin jealous of anyone who has EVER got this cab. Apparently the dude has a liquorice dispenser build into the cab.. I always secretly hope that when I get a cab it'll be happy cab 15. Ugh. This one is out of my hands, but if it happens within the next 2 weeks I will be a happy kelso. But let me say this - Guelph has some of the most ridiculous cab drivers. Once we got a chick who was SO outwardly racist and ate my doritos. Once I lost my cell phone and the cab driver called my father at 3 am and then hand delivered me the phone while giving me the "hang loose" hand gesture (after grilling me on what the background of my phone was) - and the fact that he even returned the phone was pretty awesome, because I am pretty sure we were outrageously drunk and kayla was grilling him all night. And not to mention all the wonderful cabbies that give us their direct line, because they care and they DO NOT want us to use canadian cab.... sigh....

Other than those things I really feel like I have had an incredible undergrad. My life has changed SO much, it is hard to believe high school was only 4 years ago because it feels like A MILLION. I am not the same person I was then, and I have university to thank for that. The people at Guelph are actually the best people ever, and I am so sad to leave. All my amazing friends here, ahhh, I just love you guys.




  1. I went to the Ranch the night before we got Lucy - I can tell you all about it and then it will be just like you were there. Jack can tell you all about making the canon into a winter delight penis. CROSS THOSE BABIES OFF YOUR LIST!