Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hunger Games

Okay. Everyone has read the books (right? EVERYONE? IN THE WORLD. RIGHT?) but like, I don't care.. I am about to talk about that shit a bit, and then post some AWESOME memes.

So, I don't really like book-movie adaptations that much, especially when I am passionate about a book - like I was about the Hunger Games. You paint such a perfect picture in your head, so how can a movie even compare?

Well. Harry Potter has done it. And so did the Hunger Games.

Seriously I was so impressed. The characters were almost all PERFECT to the characters in the book. (was Clove the girl from Orphan, I swear she must have been). But even though there were some differences, most of them were not critical - and they made sense. As in, there are things that you can ONLY know if you read the book (like inner thoughts and intentions) and so the movie only really added stuff that made those things really clear.

I also liked how they didn't make things TOO gory. Instead of being super brutal and bloody, it was kind of fast shots and idk, you got the point without being traumatized.

I gotta say, I totally pictured Peeta different in my head - but it turns out Josh Hutcherson was perfect.

So now, ENJOY THESE HUNGER GAME RELATED MEMES! (I know me and my sis did!)


  1. he said he was single last night???

  2. i knew he was going to be hot in zathura. yeah it makes me feel like a pedo but.... peeda. ugh i love him with all my heart.

  3. *when i saw him in zathura