Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Have A Perfect Sunday, By Kelsey Edwards

Most of us work during the week, and leave the mundane duties, like vacuuming and organizing, for Saturday so Sunday is most likely the only day where you can really just give in and RELAX. All day.

So, today I have been having a lovely sunday - and I thought I would share so that you also can have amazing Sundays. The most amazing.

Step 1 - Don't Sleep In

....too much

Sleep is great, and we don't seem to get enough of it during the week, so it is very tempting to sleep in til noon. Trust me, I've done it sometimes. But the longer you sleep in the more grumpy you will be monday morning when you have to wake up early. Sleep in til noon sunday, you will be kicking yourself at 7 am Monday. So sleep in til 8 or 9, but don't overdo it. I know its sounds great, but try not to. Just, trust. And how often do you feel shitty when you sleep all day. The day is wasted and gone. So wake up on time and enjoy the morning.

Step 2 - Do Some Early Morning Exercise

So easy to just put exercise off, especially when you want a lovely and relaxing sunday. But you actually will be able to relax more if you do some exercise. Did you know that mild cases of depression can be TOTALLY cured with exercise? If people would just exercise for 30 minutes every day, then you can ward off those sad sad feelings. Pretty cool, eh? But anyway, getting off topic.

So wake up, have a light breakfast and get out and do some exercise - break a little sweat. The earlier you go, the less time you have to convince yourself that you don't need to go to the gym or get exercise. The earlier you do it, the more time you have later. There are so many reasons to just do it. So do it. You will thank me later. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Step 3 - Make A Delish Breakfast/Brunch

This doooooesn't mean make pancakes and bacon and sausage and waffles and whipped cream and all that junk, save that for later. You can indulge and have a huge brunch, but it doesn't have to take up all your calories for the day. So here is a quick little recipe that I recommend. An english muffin with an egg and cheese (and a little syrup if you want it to resemble a mcmuffin), and loads of fresh fruit. Seriously. It honestly fills ya up, and is sweet, cheesy and indulgent-feeling, without overdoing it. It won't make you feel sluggish, but it will make you happy. Yum!

Step 4 - Dessert

Okay. Here is why you want to exercise and eat a healthy brunch, so you CAN indulge in a lovely dessert without feeling bad. You need a reward, and you were so good during the week (RIGHT?) So you deserve something sweet. And don't go out and buy it. Make something. Even if it is just a box of brownies, just adding something yourself it make it "yours", and have fun with that and enjoy it. Desserts are so much yummier with a personal touch. Trust me. This sunday me and Brooke are re-making the brownie-trifle I posted the other day. Yum!

Take A Bath

Nuff said.

Step 6 - Relax

Yep. Here it is. What you deserve. With your dessert, puppies, sister and favourite tv show/book/movie/whatever. Become best friends with you couch and blanket, curl up, and just let all the stress from your week go (because we all know it is about to build up again). But ya, just live for the sunday, live for the lazy day, don't think about your troubles. Don't worry, be happy.

Might seem like these things are obvious, but I don't know. Sometimes it is nice to be told what to do. Enjoy your sundays, lovelies! You all deserve a great day. Do you guys have any special sunday routine?



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