Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

For me - Easter is a time of family, chocolate eating, and bunny pictures.

I know easter means different things to different people, but why should there be ONE way to celebrate?

Easter, like any holiday really, is a good reminder of how important family and friends are - and too cherish the life that you have and the people around you that help to define that life.

Life is a gift. It really is.. and I have seen too many times with my own eyes that gift being removed way too quickly and without any warning. So I have learned that it is so important to tell the people you love that you love them while you can. And also to learn from them. Everyone has a story to tell... if you are willing to ask!

Enough of that deep stuff though!

Today I intend to cuddle my pups, eat my body weight in mini eggs, and try to find the easter bunny and cuddle him until his eyes pop out. Cute image right? (seriously..)

I miss easter egg hunts - waking up and being SO excited. Knowing at some point, a magical bunny came into my house and left me a PERFECTLY selected basket of goodies. Full of everything that I wanted soooo badly and my mom refused to buy me. Once I got a hairstyle barbie. How did the easter bunny know? The easter bunny was cooler than my mom.

As the years went on, the hunts got less "magical" but still were very special. Maybe a bunny wasn't responsible for picking out a perfectly crafted basket, but someone else I loved was. And well, that was pretty darn awesome too. And it was even more special. Believe that or not. Turns out my mom knew me better than the easter bunny ever did.

This year, no easter egg hunt. No specially crafted basket... but I'm not sad, nope, not sad at all. Because it has still been special. Maybe someone doesn't create me a basket, but they created a special environment full of love and perfectly crafted inside jokes ;)

Family is the friggen best. And so are bunny pictures!

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  1. You made my Easter very special. I think EB found his way into our home - but just forgot to throw those darn eggs around (it is challenging when there are 6 dogs who have great sense of smell and know how to find things....) OH NO - what if Lucy and Dex ate him - maybe that was the real reason there were no specially crafted baskets. Damn Dogs...