Monday, April 9, 2012

The Grossest Moment of My LIFE.

Do you guys have a moment where you can look back and pinpoint exactly that "yep, that was by far the grossest moment of my life"?

Well, I have one. And it just so happens that it is one of my sister's favourite moments ever.

Here it goes, beware, its awful.

Me and my sister used to walk to school together EVERYDAY in high school. (well, we had one year where we were both in high school together, so everyday that year). The walk was about 15 minutes, and me and brooke did this thing where we would both have ipods, and we would listen to the exact same song.

Like we would be like okay "1...2....3.... PLAY!" and so we would have our solo ipods, and yet be listening to the same songs. And, well we got really into it most of the time. Like dancing and lip synching hard (which might be one of my most embarrassing moments haha).

But I am blonde.. and you know they say you can't walk and talk at the same time, or chew gum and walk at the same time.. WELL I COULD DO THOSE THINGS. And I could listen to my ipod and walk at the same time, but apparently I couldn't pay attention as well.

Brooke could. But she must have just assumed that I was always paying attention and whatever.

So one day, we are walking... and its nice out so I am wearing flip flops... and all of a sudden i step on this really squishy thing. It seriously felt like I stepped on a wet sock (I could feel the wetness on my foot, because of the flip flops).

And brooke just SCREAMS.

So I look down, and low and effin behold - I stepped on a DEAD CROW.

A DEAD CROW!!!!!! as if crows weren't gross enough, but no, this was a dead and WET crow... that was now all over my bare foot. Just thinking of it makes me shiver.

And brooke was all "I thought you saw that, how did you not see that? I saw that like 20 feet ago?!" and im just DYING. Because I STEPPED ON A DEAD CROW.

So. Yeah, that is the grossest thing that has ever happened to me.

What's yours?


  1. If this were my blog I would title it "favourite moment of my life" hahahahha

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