Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally - My Next Tattoo!

I know I've been talking about my next tattoo for months, ever since I got my last tattoo in December.. but I've narrowed it down, and have FINALLY booked my next appointment.

I have been looking at skull tattoos - everyone knows I already have one, but it is kind of a cute little skull thing... but I wanted a more hardcore skull, and so I have narrowed it down to this one.

I want it on my left bicep/shoulder/arm.. and I want it almost as is in the picture, but instead of those pinkish roses I would changed it - I am thinking dark violets and greens (thoughts???). And also the addition of either barbs or thorns, to show the world that I have suffered.

I just think it would show the world who I really am - and also show off my amazing arms since I am now working with a trainer on strength building. I feel so good about this, and I feel like I can finally be comfortable in a tank top or a bathing suit if I have this tattoo on my arm.

Stay tuned for updates, I will be sure to post lots of pictures when I get it! (like I always do!)

I hope you are all gullible suckers.
Like really? Me working out?




  1. In all seriousness, I think you should get the skull tattoo... It's so pretty! Oh, I mean tough.

  2. I was worried for like one sec but then I was like this is jokes fo sho.. thank goodness