Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Right now this is a trending topic on twitter - and I kind of think it is refreshing to see. Other than the topics revolving around Justin Bieber and what country loves him the most, most TT's seem to be, in some way or another, about complaining. This is just setting us up to be grumpy. I wish the trending topics would be about things we like and things we appreciate more often - because that is all life is about.

I had an AMAZING conversation with my baby/erin last night, and it had to do with life - and what the point of it all was. It is kind of scary and hard to think about, but in 50 years when you look back - do you think you are going to care about all the things you stressed about? NO. You are going to look back and realize the little things, the little joys in life, we actually the big things. And if you spend a lot of time worrying and complaining now, well then shit, you won't have that much to look back on and be happy about.

Who wants that?

So anyway, without further delay, I will post #10ThingsThatILike

1. Waking up and seeing someone else has made a pot of coffee. Seriously.. when you are exhausted and not in the mood to even move out of bed, there is NOTHING as rewarding as waking up and smelling the coffee. I mean, I like a good cup of coffee in the morning even if I have to make it myself - but there is something so amazing about a cup of coffee made by someone else.

2. When the weather goes from wintery cold, to spring-ish. This is my FAVOURITE because really, it isn't that warm yet - but the first few days where it is even just remotely warm are the best, for everyone. You see so many more colours and so many more people, and these people are all just happy. It is nice to see people just appreciate the day and the weather. I also love it because I think about fall, and when the temperatures go from hot to "cold".. but the cold is like warmer than the spring time "hot days". Just funny. We all do it and I love it.

3. My puppy. I have heard it said that happiness is a warm puppy, and well, I don't doubt that.

4. Getting ice cream with friends. When you have ice cream and eat it alone, it feels SLIGHTLY depressing. Don't get me wrong, it is DELICIOUS, but when you are with friends and getting ice cream (or any treat) it feels so less shameful, and the enjoyment level goes up at least 10 times.

5. My sense of humour. Which, really, I owe to my mom. Who is awesome and hilarious. I love being home because we all have a similar sense of humour and EVERYTHING, seriously everything is hilarious. I think a sense of humour is more than just being funny, it is being able to appreciate the humour in life and not be, well, boring. I like my sense of humour.

6. I like poutine. Smoke's veggie nacho poutine to be exact.

7. Getting caught up in a good book. There is NOTHING like it. I don't like not reading during school time, but I really just feel guilty doing so (like, if I have time to read a book then I should really be using that time to read a textbook). So I love summer and vacations where I am able to totally dive into a book and get lost in it. I read the hunger games in like less than 2 days. When I was in Jamaica I read at least 5 books, and many many magazines. Ah, just, love.

8. Knowing EXACTLY what I am craving. There is nothing more annoying than wanting a snack but not knowing WHAT you want, so you stare aimlessly at all the cabinets and in the fridge. Maybe you make like 5 trips to the garage to see what you have going on in there... and NOTHING seems to tickle your fancy. Well, in the same way, knowing exactly what you want feels amazing. Its like, yo i'm just sitting here in my room and I could go for a mother effin nectarine followed by a spoonful of peanut butter. BOSS.

9. Bread and butter. And maybe some soup. NOTHING COMFORTS ME MORE. So yeah, I like that shit.

10. My blog. I love my blog. I love writing posts and I love putting my thoughts and opinions out there. I know that not everyone is going to agree and not everyone is going to take something away from my posts, but I get satisfaction in writing them and that is something that I like. I like that people can LEARN from my experiences, and that there is a chance I can help to change someone's life with my posts... And I like that people hate on me sometimes, because it reminds me to not do that to others - because I can get a reminder of how much it hurts. And how petty it is. So even though I hate that, I like that... You know?


  1. You are the best. Seriously. Don't ever stop blogging because it gets me through the day! Love ya, Kels!

  2. I'm with Alyssa - so proud of you. And you're right - when I look back on my 50+ years - it's the small things that really were so much bigger. War canoes. Hot tub humor. "this is my c....(?!)" having family to love and who love me in return. Laughing. Silliness. Lots of warm puppies (tho I could skip the tics...). Friends. Dare I say stamping??? and exams - I loved those babies.