Monday, April 30, 2012

Sisterly Advice

So now that my sister and I are back in Chatham (for the summer for brooke, forever for me), we are back at goodlife (not that I ever gave up my membership, i just stopped going for a bit) and it feels AMAZING. I have gone 4 times in the last 5 days and I feel happier, stronger, and just better already. And so we are pretty dedicated to getting healthy (and hey, if a sexy body comes with it, well, we won't be complaining. not even a little).

But anyway, Brooke got worried that we would be all excited at the start and then give up - and we proceeded to have this quick conversation, which I found entertaining (to say the least). My sister just gives the best advice. Seriously. Always has the best interest for me.

Brooke: "We gotta keep this up, we can't do what we did last year and stop going after a few months."

Kelsey: "Uh.... Thats because I got in a car accident"

Brooke: "Oh. Yeah. Right. Okay, well this year - hit the ducks."


Okay der bud.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Have A Perfect Sunday, By Kelsey Edwards

Most of us work during the week, and leave the mundane duties, like vacuuming and organizing, for Saturday so Sunday is most likely the only day where you can really just give in and RELAX. All day.

So, today I have been having a lovely sunday - and I thought I would share so that you also can have amazing Sundays. The most amazing.

Step 1 - Don't Sleep In

....too much

Sleep is great, and we don't seem to get enough of it during the week, so it is very tempting to sleep in til noon. Trust me, I've done it sometimes. But the longer you sleep in the more grumpy you will be monday morning when you have to wake up early. Sleep in til noon sunday, you will be kicking yourself at 7 am Monday. So sleep in til 8 or 9, but don't overdo it. I know its sounds great, but try not to. Just, trust. And how often do you feel shitty when you sleep all day. The day is wasted and gone. So wake up on time and enjoy the morning.

Step 2 - Do Some Early Morning Exercise

So easy to just put exercise off, especially when you want a lovely and relaxing sunday. But you actually will be able to relax more if you do some exercise. Did you know that mild cases of depression can be TOTALLY cured with exercise? If people would just exercise for 30 minutes every day, then you can ward off those sad sad feelings. Pretty cool, eh? But anyway, getting off topic.

So wake up, have a light breakfast and get out and do some exercise - break a little sweat. The earlier you go, the less time you have to convince yourself that you don't need to go to the gym or get exercise. The earlier you do it, the more time you have later. There are so many reasons to just do it. So do it. You will thank me later. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Step 3 - Make A Delish Breakfast/Brunch

This doooooesn't mean make pancakes and bacon and sausage and waffles and whipped cream and all that junk, save that for later. You can indulge and have a huge brunch, but it doesn't have to take up all your calories for the day. So here is a quick little recipe that I recommend. An english muffin with an egg and cheese (and a little syrup if you want it to resemble a mcmuffin), and loads of fresh fruit. Seriously. It honestly fills ya up, and is sweet, cheesy and indulgent-feeling, without overdoing it. It won't make you feel sluggish, but it will make you happy. Yum!

Step 4 - Dessert

Okay. Here is why you want to exercise and eat a healthy brunch, so you CAN indulge in a lovely dessert without feeling bad. You need a reward, and you were so good during the week (RIGHT?) So you deserve something sweet. And don't go out and buy it. Make something. Even if it is just a box of brownies, just adding something yourself it make it "yours", and have fun with that and enjoy it. Desserts are so much yummier with a personal touch. Trust me. This sunday me and Brooke are re-making the brownie-trifle I posted the other day. Yum!

Take A Bath

Nuff said.

Step 6 - Relax

Yep. Here it is. What you deserve. With your dessert, puppies, sister and favourite tv show/book/movie/whatever. Become best friends with you couch and blanket, curl up, and just let all the stress from your week go (because we all know it is about to build up again). But ya, just live for the sunday, live for the lazy day, don't think about your troubles. Don't worry, be happy.

Might seem like these things are obvious, but I don't know. Sometimes it is nice to be told what to do. Enjoy your sundays, lovelies! You all deserve a great day. Do you guys have any special sunday routine?


Saturday, April 28, 2012


“Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass.

And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim.

The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long.

We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn't change the truth.

Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world.

Head on, guns blazing.

De Nile. It's not just a river in Egypt, it's a freakin' ocean. So how do you keep from drowning in it?”

- Meredith Grey

Don't let life pass you by. Because that is exactly what will happen if you don't ever face reality. Friends and even family will begin to pass you by as well. Yeah, bad things happen - and we even do bad things, but if we deny things then we make that a million times worse. We start to live in a lie and we have to keep lying to keep up with the lie and its like this horrible thing. And you aren't fooling anyone. Just, ugh.

Life has a way of getting in the way of happiness. It really does, but like I said - it depends on whether or not you let it. So just, face your fears. It might seem awfully scary, but what is scarier - living in a dream world the rest of your life, or living in reality where you are able to move on.

Just remember. You are not alone in this.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Are All Stars

If you have 8 minutes, you should watch this. Its amazing and makes me feel so inspired.

Like Carl Sagan said, "Atheism is an attitude, a frame of mind that looks at the world objectively, fearlessly, always trying to understand all things as a part of nature."

And to me, that is just so inspirational. Really is.

I hope you enjoy this video.

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”

- Carl Sagan

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inspiration: is this what you REALLY meant?

I found the lamp picture a while ago, and then found the aids one... and have been collecting them ever since. It is just such a funny humour to me, and I honestly can't get enough. If you have more, LET ME KNOW. because I love them. Hope you do, too! I even made a couple of them myself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle Recipe!!!!!!!!

Me and my friend Claire found a similar recipe online, but we have perfected it and made it amazing. So enjoy, and just be careful because it is DANGEROUSLY delicious.

You will need:
1 package of brownie mix
1 tub of cool whip (frozen/cold)
1 Package of Reese's mini peanut butter cups
1 Package of Vanilla Pudding
1.5-2 Cups milk
3/4 Cup Peanut Butter

So make the brownies according to the recipe on the box. I recommend making it in a shallow and long pan - that way they cook faster and you can cut them up into better and more squares (which is important in a bit)

So while the brownies are cooking, you can make the trifle liquid mix.

In a relatively large bowl, put the pudding powder mix in.

Then add the milk. Stir until completely dissolved.

Then add in about half the tub of the cool whip. Mix that up until it is all one texture.

Then add all the peanut butter. Mix until all combined. Once that is done you can just put it in the fridge.

If you have a puppy, allow him/her to test the liquid mix. THEY know if it is good or not.

Once the brownies are cooked allow them to cool completely. I know, this part sucks because you just want to eat your dessert... but there is a lot of waiting involved in this recipe (which makes it even more delish when you finally are able to eat it!)

While you are waiting, cut up all the mini peanut butter cups into halves.


So if you have a see-through bowl, USE THAT. It looks super pretty.

Then cut up the brownies into little 1-2 inch squares.

Cover the bottom of the bowl with just enough brownies to kind of cover the bottom. Sprinkle on some peanut butter cups and then add some delicious liquid mix on top. And then keep doing that. Keep layering brownies + pb cups + liquid. Keep doing this until the bowl is full. But make sure you have a few peanut butter cups left.

When you do the top layer, add once more the liquid - you might have some left over liquid - this is okay, it happens! And then add some of the cool whip you have left over and add that up on top. You can totally cover the top, or do what we did and make it into little blobs. Add some peanut butter cups on top as a garnish.

THEN PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE. and wait. We ate ours pretty quickly, but I had some the next day and it was a trillion times yummier. SO WAIT. If you can. I know its a lot to ask, i Am just saying its going to be worth it.

SO ENJOY! It is insanely delish.

Monday, April 23, 2012

the freedom of birds

I don't know what it is about birds, but to me - they symbolize freedom.

They symbolize letting go of the past and of all your worries and being free, not just to the world but from yourself as well. With my tattoo, unbroken, i thought birds made the perfect addition - because that to me symbolized how I felt. I felt like I was letting go and just moving on - opening myself up to the future. To just close my eyes, leap and hope to fly. To stop worrying, and to start living.

I hope you can find freedom in the little things.

And I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another chapter of my life.. CHECK!

As I sit here, in chatham, watching game of thrones and putting off packing - i find myself trying to define how I am feeling, and I can't.

I just if I had to pick, it would be "weird". I feel so weird.

A huge chapter of my life is over, a chapter that I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to complete. And a chapter that has changed my life forever.

I don't know where I am going, but I know exactly where I am coming from. And I am damn proud of that!

I have the best memories, and the best friends.

And honestly, I just dont really know what to say.

Ive been so slacky on the blogs because my head has been all over the place. I just dont know what to think about anything so I don't have these deep intense thoughts.

Life is weird.

just, WEIRD.

but I love it, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Friday, April 20, 2012

honorary post by dylan, claire and kelsey

i love reading in the summer

lal alalalalla

i like jam

especially raspberry

or triple fruit is coooool, too

dylan like politics

ver ver much

and frank like poopin

but whoooo doesn't?

we love ryan gosling

he does funny interviews

and he has nice abs

i want to lick them

we like fridays

and living in guelph

claire's heart is a stereo

oh oh

the end.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves

I seem to have a lot of very common pet peeves, like people chewing really loudly or slow walkers, or people with TERRIBLE grammar (especially the ones who don't think it is a big deal, because guess what? IT IS A BIG DEAL, and its easy to fix, ugh)... but I have one pet peeve, pretty recently developed, that just drives me INSANE.

As you know I have a puppy, and I walk him quite often. Its cute.

But where I live in Guelph is located by like 4 or 5 schools, its outrageous how many students walk around at lunch time or after school... and the street i live on is pretty busy, so naturally there's a stop-light-crosswalk in order to help them safely cross the road. And I watch people "use" it all the time.

Pretty great! Right? Yes... BUT here is where my pet peeve come in.

I don't mind when people press the button to cross the road, wait until the lights turn red for the cars, and then cross the road. No one really minds waiting for students to cross the road.

But what I hate is when they press the button, notice an opening in traffic and j-walk. And then like 15 seconds later the lights turn red, and then all these cars are stopped for no reason. No one is crossing and its just like... uhhhhhh.... WTF WHY AM I STOPPED? I HAVE THE WORST LUCK. (etc)

Like 1 - jaywalking is ILLEGAL.

and 2 - if you are going to jaywalk, do what I do and DON'T press a button that makes cars stop. Just like wait on the side of the road and then go when theres an opening.

Moral of the story, if you press the button, you better friggen commit and wait to cross when the little hand turns into a little walking man. It might take like 20 more seconds than if you jaywalked when you had the opportunity. but you are committed. like. come on!!!!!!!

So that, is a pet peeve of mine. A big one.

The end.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm done school.

As in forever.

As in what the heck am I going to do with my life?

That kind of done.

I am so proud, so happy, so sad, so emotional, so thankful, so surprised.. just, so everything. Every emotion you can imagine, I am feeling right now. Including thirst AND hunger. I'm feeling it. Life is juuuust starting, and I for one, can't wait.

This feels insane, and here are some pictures to help sum up how I am feeling today.

I did it!