Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I DON'T believe in Karma

First, an anecdote:

The other day I was taking my puppy for a walk. And this may be TMI, but he has a very predictable bowel. He goes in the morning on our first walk, and then he goes again right before bed. Like clockwork. So it was the afternoon, so I didn't expect him to go or anything, so I didn't bring a baggie. BUT. Shit happens, and Frank ended up taking a nice big dump.

Worst, right?

But I don't think it's right to leave a pile of dog poo on someone's yard, so I walked home with Frankie, grabbed a plastic bag, went back to his mess, and scooped it up. Good for me right? The cosmic dog-poo karma Gods are on my side after this right?


As I am walking BACK home.. in the middle of the ROAD in my townhouse complex, I step in a GIANT pile of dog poo. Like this was a BIG DOG'S poo. 4x the size of anything Frank could ever produce.


True story.. but really, I haven't believed in Karma for a long time. I always just thought of it as an almost cop-out, an easy explanation for a difficult world.

When I was younger, I was grumpier. And it seemed like everything bad happened to me. And then, as I grew up, I got happier, and for some reason it seemed like everything went my way. It would be easy to say that this was because of karma... but, I don't think thats a good explanation.

When you are happy, and feeling good, you are CONTAGIOUS. People want to be around you, and people want to help you. That's why it seems like good things happen to you. You WORK for them, and you make them happen. It isn't due to some outside force, it is all on YOU. I think this might actually be called the Law of Attraction. But that makes a lot of sense to me.

And when someone is a bitch, or a grump, and then bad stuff happens to them.. that isn't karma, either. 1 - people don't want to help out grumps/bitches. 2 - bad stuff, like say deaths or falling in public, happen to everyone. But for some reason when a bad thing happens to a bitch, we blame it on karma - that that person got what they deserved. But when a bad thing happens to a good person, we talk about how unfair it is and how they didn't deserve it and how everything happens for a reason.


Bad things happen. And we seem to feel the need to GIVE them a reason. Shit happens, and life is all about dealing with shit that happens. Bad things happen to everyone, regardless if you are a good or bad person. If say, someone you hates fall in public - we say its because of karma. If your best friend falls in public - its just bad luck and is usually hilarious. THEY BOTH FELL. SAME THING HAPPENED TO THEM! WHY DO WE HAVE TO GIVE A COSMIC KARMA REASON FOR IT?!

Karma won't GET you. Bad luck might, but that gets everyone. What goes around, only comes around if you let it. However, good things will come to you if you bring good things to the world. So, go out and radiate love!

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  1. Completely agree, though it is tough to not believe in karma. A few months ago I found someone's duvet that had fallen out of a pickup truck onto the side of the road and returned it to her. I was feeling lucky afterwards, so I bought a $3 lottery ticket. Ended up winning $50!