Friday, March 30, 2012

Want to impress (clueless) people?

Okay. Say you are going to a black light party, or even a bar where the theme is something to do with black lights....

Do exactly what I say:

So, I recently decided that gin and tonics are insanely delish. But guess what else? TONIC WATER GLOWS UNDER BLACK LIGHT. It has something to do with the ingredients, I guess, something like quinone or something. But it glows, and I mean, it really glows.

So, step one to being impressive:

just carry around a gin and tonic, and don't tell a SOUL what it is. At the bar me and my friend Kelsey had quite a few people approach us and ask what the heck we were drinking, and they were amazeeed. (I mean, we were too).

Step two:
Ask for the gin and tonic with the tonic on the side (if you are at the bar) orrr if you are at a party just carry around a can of tonic at all times. Then, when people are drinking their lame drinks - like cranberry vodkas, help em out a bit and throw a dash of tonic in their drinks. You can seriously watch the tonic move through the drink in this glowing fashion and it is actually the coolest thing ever.

Maybe most of you already knew about this. But I am a noob, and this is by far my favourite discovery. Have fun with it, ya'll! But that picture isn't even an exaggeration.. that is WHAT it looks like, so so so cool!

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